While many students struggle with math during their college education, there are some that have had the unique opportunity of studying under one of the most prominent male models of today. Pietro Boselli, a math teacher and model, taught students at University College London. While teaching, his students discovered Boselli was a part-time model and posted information on social media sites. 

As an accomplished educator, Boselli has a passion for mathematics and engineering but maintains a successful modeling career. He is also an avid athlete, focusing on swimming, running, endurance training, and bodybuilding. In fact, he won the WBFF 2014 UK Championship as a bodybuilder!


Ex-Teacher Still Educates

This educator continued to lecture at the university, but is now a full-time model. In 2020, the Rational Minds show debited. Here, Boselli helps people all over the world discover how the world works and talks about various mathematical concepts. 

Rational Mind covers a wide array of topics, from offering answers to trigonometry questions to addressing high school mathematics questions. The show is designed to help people learn how to think critically about many things in the world. During many of the episodes, high school math equations are used, especially when discussing things like energy and space. Students can even pick up some tips that can help with high school algebra problems and will learn these things that can relate to current energy issues and even agriculture.

Pietro Boselli teaching techniques can be seen throughout different episodes of this show. He often refers to his engineering knowledge to explain how things work and to help develop critical thinking. The documentary series is currently available on YouTube and has attracted the attention of students worldwide with love for learning and a passion for exploring controversial subjects.

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Career as a Teacher

The young Italian model began his teaching career after receiving a PhD from UCL. As a graduate with First Class Honors in Mechanical Engineering, Boselli wanted to share his love and knowledge of math with students and started teaching second-year students after completing his PhD. His class, called “Modeling and Analogies” focused on the design of turbines that were being used for power plants.

The math teacher who is a model continued modeling while being an educator, though he eventually devoted his career to the modeling industry. Still known as the sexiest math teacher today, he maintains his love for math and is active on social media, addressing questions about his modeling as well as his teaching career. He hopes that money made from being a model will help him establish an engineering company in London.

While many may think math to be a mundane subject, Boselli has influenced many students in his short time as a professor. His love for engineering was shared in classrooms and he states that if it were not for a current modeling career, he would be focused on engineering and teaching math to others. After his students posted pictures on Facebook, his modeling career took off and though he frequently lectured at the college, he left the classroom for the modeling stage


He is no longer teaching in any college setting. Instead, a sportswear brand has been launched called Petra Design. He has also opened training facilities where he is committed to helping others get fit and stay healthy. However, he continues to share his math and engineering knowledge through various YouTube channels and documentaries.