In a previous post, we highlighted tips on how to keep your skin runway ready. But with hundreds of products available on the market, it’s not easy to find the ones which are the best for your skin. Given that each everyone has a specific skin type, it should always be judged on a case-by-case-basis.

Can you honestly tell the difference between cream and night cream, other than the fact that night cream is mostly used at night? Or how about the qualities of lotion and ointments? You can always consult skin experts on this matter, but every time you go out shopping, a skincare professional isn’t always at hand to answer your questions.

As such, you have to know how to pick the best products for your skin. Read on to find out before you scour the supermarket shelves once again.

Evaluate your skin type

Garnier explained that the first step is to know your skin type. There are currently three established types of skin: normal, oily and dry, with one additional being a combination of normal and oily skin.

It’s not hard to tell which type you belong to. If you notice that you feel greasy a lot of the time, then it’s obvious that you have oily skin. The best way to gauge is to pay attention to your face. Use oil strips and if it already catches oil even after a few hours after washing your face, then you have oily skin.

On the other hand, dry skin is characterized by roughness and patches of cracked skin. You may have seen people with chapped lips, which generally means their lips aren’t hydrated enough. The principle is the same.

If you don’t have any of the signs above, then most likely you belong to the normal type. Other indications of normal skin are small pores and few imperfections.

Know the basic differences between skin products

Each skin type has a matching product. Good Housekeeping enumerated the different products you can choose from, and each of them have their own benefits or disadvantages relative to your skin type.

Lotions are light and don’t usually leave a greasy finish after applying so they’re generally ok for most people. But if you have dry skin, consider getting cream, as it’s thicker than lotion, thus providing more moisture. Night creams are more geared towards anti-aging and for overnight moisture. Lastly, ointments are mostly geared towards people with skin conditions, from simple insect bites to something as severe as psoriasis.

Consider external factors

There are also external factors to keep in mind when choosing the products you put on your skin, such as the climate. For instance, even if you have normal skin, it might dry out faster when the air is thin and dry like in winter. During summer, you’re more likely to need a lighter product as you may perspire more, and combining a thick moisturizer with perspiration is a big no-no.

Your activities should also be taken into account. Birchbox specified that if you spend lots of time outdoors, you should pick a moisturizer that already has UVF so as to provide two purposes for the price of one. This will provide you with protection from the sun and hydrate your skin without applying two separate products.

This is also the reason why many celebrities and models have a trusted professional in regular contact with them when it comes to advising them on their skin. Advisors are there so they can easily adjust which products to use depending on factors like location or weather and the activities they will be undertaking.

The pop star and fashion icon Rihanna is frequently admired for her flawless skin, but she also has her own stylist which is her secret weapon for combatting harsh elements. A video interview published on The Scene featuring Mylah Morales, Rihanna’s makeup artist, saw her discuss secrets about how people can get glowing skin like the famous pop star. In the interview, Morales talked about a wide array of products, and each of them are tailored for specific situations.

In short, there are many things to consider when it comes to skin care. All it takes, however, is a little research and you’re well on your way to achieving that healthy and supple skin.