Electromagnetic fields exist naturally on our planet. Consequently, your body also produces its electromagnetic field. You are always exposed to electromagnetic fields. These are emitted from phones and internet routers. This radiation is bad for you. However, the Earth’s magnetic field is low frequency and regulates the overall body balance. Since ancient times, people believed that this field has the power to heal your body.

Thus, exposure to low-frequency radiation can heal your body. PEMF machines are designed to release electromagnetic pulses into your body. In this article, you will read about how these machines heal your body.

How does PEMF therapy work?

To understand PEMF therapy for chronic pain, you need to learn about how things work at a cellular level. Your cells are like batteries. Normally, healthy cells operate at around 70 or more millivolts of energy. When a cell gets damaged, this energy decreases. Your cells’ natural field is disturbed. You need to restore that field to enable the cells to heal themselves. Sentient Element is the best PEMF device for chronic pain.

In the case of the disease, this energy level can be reduced more than that. During the PEMF therapy, a mild electromagnetic field current is pumped into your body. This therapy reduces inflammation and restores the cell’s internal field. The emf pulses activate the cells healing power, stimulate them, and also, reduce pain.

Why PEMF Therapy?

PEMF devices induce pulses that are proven to have healing effects on your body. This therapy is known to treat a variety of mental and physical health issues. You can always look online for PEMF therapy near me if you’re interested. Here are some ways this therapy promotes healing.

PEMF for Chronic Pain

Chronic pains are the hardest to diagnose and treat. It is common in older adults. Abnormal microcirculation of blood in certain body parts is a potential cause of that. PEMF therapy tends to regulate blood circulation. As a result, it reduces inflammation and pain. If you have chronic pain anywhere in your body, this therapy can help treat it naturally. Apart from that, studies have shown that this therapy can act as a natural painkiller for your body. It blocks the pain receptors in your brain for instant relief. Thus, this therapy heals and reduces body pain.

Bone and Joint Health

PEMF therapy is a promising treatment for people who have arthritis. Electromagnetic pulses alleviate pain and support bone health. Inflammation in the joints results in pain, and PEMF helps to treat it. Moreover, PEMF encourages the reformation of bone and prevents bone damage.

If you are someone who has an injured joint or has surgery can also take advantage of this treatment. Studies have shown that this therapy helped people to recover after surgery.

Also, PEMF devices are designed to target your back, knee, shoulder, and joints to reduce pain.

PEMF for Mental Health

A surprising fact is that PEMF also improves your mental health. Research showed that it is helpful to treat anxiety and depression. The PEMF releases serotonin and melatonin in your mind to calm it down. Moreover, this therapy also reduces sleeping disorders.

PEMF Machines for healing your Body

Gone are the days, when you had to visit a clinic to get this therapy. Many portable machines have now emerged in the market and they are certainly winning hearts. PEMF machines are designed according to the different body requirements. These come in different shapes and sizes and other specifications. You can find a variety of PEMF machines at healthylineoutlet.com. Here are some types of PEMF machines.

PEMF Device

These are the small-sized devices that your doctor uses. Such devices have a wide range of frequency adjustment options and target many body areas.


Specially designed for daily use, the PEMF mat targets your whole body. These mats are foldable and easy to carry around. You lie down on this mat and adjust the frequency. PEMF mat is an excellent choice for people who want to treat large body parts. These come in different sizes, you can select one according to your height and requirement.


These small-sized pads are used for spot treatment. You just place this on the affected area to heal it. These usually have a small frequency range.

PEMF Pillow

PEMF pillows and cushions are the best for regular use. These come in different shapes and sizes to treat your body. You can sit against them to rest your back. You can also put them under your knees or neck to reduce pain.

To conclude, PEMF is a life-changing treatment for your body. Say goodbye to everlasting pain with this treatment. Use PEMF machines to stay healthy and fit.