When traveling in luxury, few experiences rival the comfort and exclusivity of jetting worldwide on a private plane. For Hollywood’s elite, boarding their private aircraft is a chance to avoid the chaos of commercial airports and make a stylish statement from the moment they step onto the tarmac. While some celebrities opt for casual, comfortable looks when flying privately, others treat their plane like a runway, donning fresh ensembles that showcase their signature styles. From glamorous jumpsuits to cozy sweatsuits and everything in between, the fashion choices of A-listers as they jet-set around the globe provide endless inspiration for travel wardrobes that perfectly blend style and comfort.


One star who consistently nails the jet-set fashion game is Jennifer Lopez. The multi-hyphenate stunner recently posted a clip of herself boarding her private jet to Jack Harlow’s “First Class.”

She wore fun pink cat eye shades with a chain detail on the side, pajamas from trendy menswear designer Nahmias, a $2,800 Valentino bag, her favorite Gucci platform heels, and Jennifer Fisher hoop earrings. Leave it to J.Lo to make even loungewear look like a million bucks.

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara is another celebrity known for her impeccable travel style. The Modern Family alum was recently spotted looking stunning in black sweatpants and a black top as she boarded a private plane. She paired the comfortable yet chic look with a brown coat and white platform sneakers, proving that laid-back can still be incredibly stylish.

Kim K

On the other end of the spectrum, Kim Kardashian often favors exceptionally casual looks when taking to the skies. The reality TV mogul and SKIMS founder has frequently been photographed on private jets wearing baggy sweatpants, a matching oversized top or hoodie, white sneakers, a baseball cap, and oversized dark sunglasses.

While Kim’s travel uniform may read as basic, the neutral color palette and relaxed silhouettes make for a fashion-forward look that epitomizes unstudied cool.

Gisele Bündchen

Another master of the model-off-duty aesthetic is Gisele Bündchen. The Brazilian bombshell was recently spotted arriving at the Miami airport in a casual yet chic all-white ensemble, going incognito with a green baseball hat. She wore crisp white wide-leg pants, a matching white tank top, and white sneakers — a simple look that still looked effortlessly stylish.

Gigi Hadid

Of course, a roundup of celebrity private plane fashion would only be complete, including supermodel Gigi Hadid’s airport style. The catwalk queen looked impossibly cool as she jetted out of LAX in ripped light-wash jeans, an off-white crop top, an oversized knit sweater draped over her shoulders, and classic red Converse sneakers.

Gigi’s ability to make even the most essential pieces look stylish is a masterclass in off-duty model dressing.

Fashion Influencers Take Flight in Style

For fashion influencers, the chance to showcase their sartorial prowess in transit is one to be noticed. Take, for example, Aimee’s Song of Song of Style. The style blogger has made a name for herself by documenting her jet-setting lifestyle and incredible travel wardrobe on Instagram.

One of her most memorable in-flight looks was a grey turtleneck sweater, leather pants, a wool coat, and white sneakers—the perfect blend of comfort and sophistication.

Meanwhile, celebrity stylist and designer Rachel Zoe favors a more glamorous approach to airport dressing. For the boho-luxe trendsetter, dressing for a flight is another opportunity to showcase her exceptional style.

Her go-to look always starts with an all-black base with accessories like stylish sunglasses, a wide-brim hat, a generously sized tote, and a cozy cardigan.

The Art of Jet-Setting in Style

So, what’s the common thread among all these enviable private plane looks? Comfort is critical, but never at the expense of style. After all, traveling aboard one’s luxury aircraft is the ultimate indulgence, so it makes sense that celebrities would want to feel their best from departure to arrival.

Whether dressed up or down, sweatsuits are a go-to for their cozy fit and stretch. Oversized knits and loungewear sets also make for ideal in-flight options, allowing for freedom of movement without sacrificing style. Accessories like sunglasses, hats, scarves, and statement jewelry can instantly dress things up. And a great bag is always a must, because what’s a paparazzi moment without an incredible carryall?

Of course, looking fabulous on a private jet isn’t just about the clothes. Body language and an air of confident nonchalance are essential for nailing that jet-setting aesthetic. Celebrities know exuding an effortlessly cool vibe is as important as the clothes. A relaxed, natural stance conveys an elusive “no big deal” energy, the essence of private-plane chic.

Bring Celeb Plane Style to Your Next Trip

Celebrity private plane fashion is about the freedom to embrace comfort and luxury in equal measure. It’s a chance for the rich and famous to travel in their unique version of sweats and slippers (though likely designer iterations that cost more than some folks’ mortgage payments). While most of us may never get to experience the indulgence of jetting around on a private aircraft, at least we can take inspiration from the impeccable displays of stars in transit. After all, with the right combination of laid-back pieces and glamorous accents, anyone can nail an outfit worthy of walking the jet bridge in style.