Choosing the right outdoor furniture is a decision you want to get right so that you can enjoy your furniture for as long as possible and it continues to look and feel good no matter what the weather brings.

Clearly, the typical climate for your area is a strong deciding factor when trying to decide what outdoor furniture to invest in.

Whether you get a lot of sun or the area is prone to high winds. Your furniture needs to be the right construction and material to cope with the climate that you are going to be subjecting it to on a regular basis.

Here are some points to consider about your climate that should help you to find the right outdoor furniture.

The right amount of sun and rain protection

Everywhere gets a certain level of sun and rain, but it is highly relevant to think about how your furniture will cope with the typical weather you have in your location.

Your furniture needs to offer a decent level of protection from the harsh UV rays that are capable of damaging and fading your fabric in no time at all if they don’t have a built-in protective layer.

Look for garden furniture that either offers a polyurethane or an acrylic-based sealant. This will help minimize the risk of sun damage and ensure that your furniture lasts as long as possible.

If you are subjected to regular rainfall in your area you should think about this when choosing your garden furniture.

Certain materials are more waterproof than others. Plastic, rattan, and wicker are usually good choices if you get a lot of rain in your area.

It is always sensible to protect your furniture with suitable covers. These will provide an extra layer of protection from climatic threats.

The right material 

You will probably want to make a choice of outdoor furniture based on aesthetic appeal. But you really want to think about whether the material will also cope with the climate it is going to be subjected to.

Wooden garden furniture is a classic example. It has a timeless elegance and appeal that tends to enhance your patio area. However, it is a material that is particularly susceptible to rain and sun damage over time.

You can protect the wood with sealants and regular maintenance but if you don’t want that hassle you might look at a more maintenance-free option.

Metals like aluminum have become very popular for obvious reasons.

Aluminum is lightweight and has excellent anti-corrosive properties. That means you can enjoy your furniture without worrying so much about regular maintenance.

Plastic furniture is another obvious choice if you want outdoor furniture that provides a modern look and doesn’t take much looking after. Bear in mind that plastic can fade over time when it is exposed to direct sunlight.

Making the right decision on what sort of outdoor furniture to buy should always be based not just on looks but on how your preferred material finish will cope with the climate.

Try to find a perfect balance between looks, comfort, and durability. Make the right choice and you will enjoy many hours sitting on your patio enjoying your well-chosen garden furniture.