International modeling sensation Amy Finlayson and fashion photographer Mick Bruzzese, have joined forces to create 13 unique artworks that will inspire, intrigue and stir the imagination.

With Mick’s exceptional eye and Amy’s solid background in fashion and art, their works have pushed the boundaries of fashion, art and photography in a visually exceptional collaboration.


Amy started modeling at the age of 14, appeared in countless Australian Vogue editorials and in 2007, moved to NY where she worked for some of the world’s best photographers for magazines such as W and Italian and French Vogue.

Whilst in NY, Amy developed a passion for the visual arts and immersed herself in NY’s colorful and cutting edge arts community. Amy returned to Australia in 2010 and completed a degree in Visual Culture.

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For Amy, Organica is the perfect way to illustrate her deep appreciation and love of the arts. Amy explains in her own words; “for me, it is a natural transformation. This transformation happens both to the images, through a kind of self- appropriation, and in my own life as I start to move onto new chapters. This is the blossoming, fluid, organic way of life-moving and changing- not always beautiful but certainly intriguing”.

Mick Bruzzese has been shooting fashion and portraits for over 15 years. He’s shot portraits and reportage for GQ, Elle, Belle, InStyle and Yen and his subjects include personalities as diverse as Bernard Fanning, Clive Palmer, Ronan Keating, Miranda Kerr, Bob Brown and Ryan Kwanten. Mick is known for his ability to capture the ‘essence’ of his subject; whether it is a celebrity portrait or a ten page fashion shoot.

“Collaboration is important,” says Bruzzese,”and working with Amy has been a real eye opener in seeing how other artists approach their work and find inspiration. To me, this series of portraits captures the notion of self-perception and the changing ‘self’ that is often projected to people around us. I was lucky to have the perfect photographic muse, adding beauty and passion to the images”

photo 1

“I collaborated closely with Mick over a number of weeks,” says Amy.”We emailed references and inspiration back and forth, before deciding roughly on a few ideas for a few shoots. Once we chose a number of selects, I then printed the images out on A4 paper and sketched what came into my head. I then had the task of trying to transfer an A4 image to a huge 180 x 120cm work. I literally was crouched on top if the work, crawling over the image and painting as I went. Some works were finished in 30 minutes, some took a few days. It all depends on a lot of factors- caffeine levels, music, my mood etc etc. A lot of the creative process is a ‘happy accident,’ so I had to make sure I rolled with the punches….not so easy for me, as I am a control freak, but I’m learning to give into the ride 🙂 “

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