OCD is shorthand for obsessive-compulsive disorder. Doctors have studied it for decades. They now understand it fairly well.

If you need OCD treatment, California has some of the best facilities in the entire country. Sometimes, you might have mild symptoms, but they can also become problematic. Let’s talk about some of the classic OCD symptoms that indicate you have this condition.

Fear that You May Harm Yourself or Others

If someone has OCD, they might have a constant, nagging fear that they might harm themself or others. This can be particularly problematic with parents who have the condition. They may become fixated on the idea that they might harm their children to the point where they are nearly paralyzed by the concept.

Fear of Disease

Those with OCD can also sometimes have an irrational fear that they’ll become contaminated by something or contract a disease. While it’s natural to be aware of such possibilities, someone with OCD may not be able to go more than a few moments without thinking about this or bringing it up in conversation.

The Need for Order

Someone with OCD may feel that they’re safe if everything around them is in perfect order. To bring about this condition, they may have elaborate rituals that they engage in every moment of every day. They may fear that if they don’t follow this routine just once, that something terrible will happen to them or their loved ones.


You may have seen TV shows that deal with hoarding. There are many reasons why people have a hoarding compulsion, but having OCD is one of them.

Someone with OCD may want to keep as many things as possible because they feel certain they or someone they know will need them one day. They may reach a point of hysteria if someone tries to throw away something they own.

Continually Asking for Reassurance

Those who have particularly bad cases of OCD may feel the constant need to check in with people in their lives to make sure that they are okay. If they have children, they might call them on the phone several times every day to make sure they’re in no danger. They may feel that if they can’t get in touch with a loved one that something awful has happened. They might become obsessed with the idea.

Neutralizing Thoughts

Someone with OCD may also become fixated on the idea that something bad will happen unless they keep thinking about a specific thing. They may believe that only they can prevent a war or some other kind of catastrophe. As long as they keep thinking thoughts that can neutralize this event, they feel they’re keeping the world safe.

Avoiding Certain Places

Those with OCD will also have a tough time going to certain places. These can vary depending on the person. For instance, someone with OCD may want to avoid airports because they’ll become obsessed with whether all of the flights on the board are arriving on time.