Researching for weddings takes a lot of effort and energy. Once you announce your wedding to your friends and families you have to start preparing for it. From the outside, it seems like a very easy process but when you take a peek into what it is inside you fall into the oblivion of wedding preparation. It all starts with the venue, decor, dresses, favors, invitations, and the list goes on. You can’t possibly know everything about a wedding that is why it is important to do your research. 

If you have been on the internet researching the best wedding invites in 2023 you might have come across gold or silver foil wedding invitation cards. These types of wedding invitation cards are wildly popular among people. They look simple and elegant. Even if you add little details to the card it is still going to look regal because of the foil on it. 

Obsession with foil for wedding invites: 

Foil for wedding invites wasn’t popular a few years ago. Then Price Harry and Meghan Markle dropped their wedding invitation card and everyone was stunned by how beautiful it looked with the gold foil detailing. When it comes to weddings a little bling doesn’t hurt anyone.

  •  Foil is the best way to add shine to the wedding card and make it look like it came out of a fairytale.
  • In the olden days foil was attached to materials by hand pressing but as technology has advanced these techniques have also changed. Today, you can get your foil invites printed using machines.  

Reasons why you should consider foil 

For your wedding invitation cards foil is the best thing that you can add to it. The uniqueness and shine of foil have made it gain popularity worldwide. 

  • Luxurious feeling: The sense of luxury and feeling that you are floating on a cloud can be attained by using foil on your wedding invitation cards. Whether you are planning a traditional, formal, cocktail, destination, or boho wedding the addition of foil in your wedding invitation cards will make it look special. If you are going for one occasion and want to go all out let your desires float with the luxury of gold foil wedding stationery.
  • WOW, factor: Every wedding ceremony needs to have a wow factor to make it look out of this world. Why not make your wedding invitation cards that wow factor? To blow your guests’ socks off you can use any type of gold foil on your wedding invitation cards. At the end of the day as the bride and groom you want everything to revolve around you and your glamour. 
  • Its theme: While gold foil is used for many wedding invites and simple save-the-dates sometimes people ad too much to the card or the decor of the wedding itself that the charm of the foil dies down. You can let the gold foil be the star of the night and let it create its theme. When you have a theme starting from the cards you will be able to navigate through the wedding easily. 
  • Gold touches everywhere:  Having gold foil on your wedding cards will allow you to incorporate gold in every tiny detail of the wedding ceremony. Gold cutlery, table runners, or tablecloths can be used to enhance the theme. These additions will make everything look stunning and create an ecstatic environment. 

Some trends are created and they die down fast but in my opinion, the trend with gold and silver foil is here to stay. Don’t shy away from going overboard on your wedding day and create the best wedding cards using foil.