By Kirsten Humphreys

A morning ritual is sacred. It is one that varies between every individual. For me, my morning skincare routine would always consist of waking up before the sunrise, and adventuring to the calming, pristine waters of the ocean. For years this ritual was my biggest beauty secret, my skin never seemed to liken to anything else.

With the ever-expansive list of beauty products, it’s sometimes hard to identify with one that makes us feel innately our own. One, that when we step out the front door we feel empowerment to endure the day, after all confidence is everything. Recognition and liberation within one’s self, all begins when we wake up in the morning, and prepare ourselves for the day ahead.

With the amass of chemically induced beauty products, that are force fed to consumers (myself and yourself included), I felt I had no choice but to succumb to the natural elements of the salty sea. That was, until I found myself staring face to face with a revolutionary, beauty product goddess. Ladies (and gentlemen), I announce to you my new, self-evident morning routine- the one and only NuFACE.

Founded by women for women. Thirty years in the making, super girlboss Carol Cole’s approach, is to empower women by transforming the way they approach skin care. Now I’m not sure about you, but the idea of having an at home salon experience that tones, cleanses and purifies the face seems ethereal to me.

If I were to ask you, if you would rather go to a salon, and pay a magnitude of money every month for a facial, or you could get the same treatment every morning at home, before you leave for a day’s work, which would you choose? Personally, I would choose the latter hands down.

The answer is unquestionable because, after I used the NuFACE Trinity Facial Toning Device, the reflection I saw in the mirror was imperatively noticeable. My face was sculpted, ridding my forehead of persistent wrinkles, my cheekbones pioneered simplistically, as if they had always been that way and my face felt toned. The treatment’s end-result, was a stress-free, reproduction of a glow so evident to my once favorable, salty escape.

A facial is only a small part of this treatment, a certain inside feeling of tranquil connection within myself is significant, one that is imperative for the busy day ahead. If you don’t believe me, I suggest you jump on your handy digital devices, and browse NuFACE’s website. I’d say you’d be easily converted, after all who wouldn’t want to feel beautiful within oneself?