There is no question about the fact that women love shoes and they can’t resist buying a new pair of shoes every time they’re out shopping. Shoes are an important accessory for every gender but women seem to be obsessed with it and why not. They are a great support to your feet, providing them with cover and stability too. Most importantly they have a great ability to spruce up your personality very well. Just be aware of proper fitting of your shoes, so that they can help align your feet, ankles, knees and back plus can help improve posture and provide comfort too.

Platform shoes are a nice addition in your shoe closet, which comes in a huge variety and is loved by almost every woman for sure. These platforms can be shoes, boots or even sandals which have a thick sole in the range of up to 3-10 cm which shows an obvious heel that is raised approximately higher than the ball of the foot. They commonly come in wedge heels, stiletto heels, chunky heels or platform block heels too. 

These platform heels are more comfortable and recommended because they keep the feet at an angle that is better than any high heels. These are great in adding an added height and also elevates confidence. They give you the right balance and support with any type of heels attached to it.

MISS LOLA has a great variety of platform shoes with a lot of colors and designs at very reasonable prices and offers. Few are curated for your help and so you can select the best for you.


Our hot selling item is these chunky platforms which are unique, comfortable and have a nice summer color; tan. Their sole is like espadrilles which adds great texture to the heels and give them a great sight as well. You can comfortably wear them as slip on entry with no hassle of straps or locks, with round toes and have a lightly padded sole inside for softness and light feel. 

Heel height is 4.75” while the platform heel is 1.75” which supports the high heel and angle too. These wedges are best because they take away the strain from the ball of your foot and provide support to your arch as well plus they look fashionable too.    


These beautiful lace up platform block heels are a must in your fashion closet because they can immediately elevate your look amazingly. It has shiny, sparkly buckle straps that are embellished with stones which are adjustable and provide support to your feet as well. 

The lace up design is great when paired with mini-skirts, half-length dresses and shorts where you can flaunt your legs with these long straps wrapped around the legs. The heel height is 5.75” and platform heel is 2”, best for evening parties and events. They are lightly padded from inside to give comfort with these high heels.


These gorgeous black platform boots are best to cover your foot, ankle and some parts for your calf too. they go with almost every attire and every look, however avoid wearing them in your work hours and go for more comfortable shoes over there. Other than that, these boots can integrate your look, magically make legs appear longer and more sexy.

These boots with shiny leather on them look more intense and black color goes with almost everything. The chunky block heel is almost 4” and the platform height is 1.75”. Pair them with a little cropped jeans and oversized shirts and blazers that can give you a very high-fashion edge. Finish by adding in a sleek handbag for a last bit of polish.


Like it’s very clear from its name that these eye-catching orange color wedges are best for beach parties and summer vacays because they have fishnet detailing that gives airy, breathable feel in spring/summer. It has a very nice, moderate heel size that is 3” in heel and 1” of platform height which doesn’t give strain on your ankle and back. Wedges are best for your health and recommended as a good form of heels as well. 

So feel free to wear them while you’re at the party and enjoying yourself. Also the ankle lace up style looks attractive and appealing, embellishing your legs nicely. The wedge has a nice espadrille finish that is made from jute fabric, adding great texture to it and is one of the most fashionable 2022 summer shoes. they can actually make your simple summer shoe look much breezier.


This exclusive piece will draw everyone’s attention when worn in any party, event or formal occasion too. The details in it are exquisite and the color is too beautiful, therefore a must buy. The 5.5” gold tone high heel is truly an amazing piece. The snake embossed textured front strap is very nice with metallic pink color. The ankle buckle closure will make it easy to close and adjust. Platform height is 1.75” and is lightly padded from inside to give comfort.      


These high boots are definitely a style worth having in your wardrobe. Knee high platform block heels come into their own for many occasions and purposes which is why having one in your boot collection is a very good idea. This style is best if your legs are your best asset and you want to show them off. They are slightly stretchy while wearing and padded from inside. 

The inward zipper gives a nice finishing to these nude high platform heels. Wear some small skirts or shorts to show some skin, that’ll give a more elongated effect plus you can wear stylish leggings too. all the measurements regarding boot length, platform and heel heights are given in the description, so need not worry at all.

All these platform heels are available with discount codes and also on easy installments, so that you can buy them and wear them on your favorite occasions. These heels are always trending and come in a huge variety to choose from. So best of luck and happy shopping!