By Calynn M. Lawrence

Many of times people tell you to have a list of certain products that you need in order to stay beautiful and youthful. While it is good to have a product regimen, the use of natural oils is also quite beneficial to those wanting to venture out. This is a list of four natural oils that will benefit you greatly in the long run.


More than likely you’re getting your hair styled, colored, cut or more on a regular basis, working as a model. After all, you’re a walking billboard. Don’t let that damage your hair’s health! There is no need to sacrifice your natural beauty just because you work as a model. Using olive oil on a regular basis can truly assist in maintaining healthy locs. Try using it as a deep treatment on a weekly basis. Adding it to your conditioner once a week and sitting with a plastic cap can go a long way.


Having breakouts from the constant makeovers? Not an issue. Argan oil is amazing for the skin. Often referred to as “liquid gold,” it works a couple miracles. It is great for balancing the oil production in the skin, moisturizing dry skin and de-greasing oily skin. It is also good for anti-aging, as it helps keep the skin soft and supple with a natural glow.


Stressed out from all of your bookings? No problem. Lavender oil is awesome for those days when you need to unwind and relax. Don’t rush to the NyQuil, try this first! Take a nice hot bath, adding your usual soap. Then, add a tablespoon of lavender oil. This is guaranteed to help you get a great night’s rest after working so diligently. Every Girl Boss knows the feeling.


Eucalyptus oil is great to be used as a natural stimulant. For those days when you are exhausted after hours of photoshoots or runway rehearsals, don’t turn to another coffee or energy shot. Just grab some eucalyptus oil. The best way to work with it is through aromatherapy. Try using it in the shower as a steamer or creating a DIY spray. There are many sources online to figure out which way is best for you to use it.