By Justice Jones

Natarsha Orsman is a 17 year old model based in Auckland, New Zealand. With a talent spanning over modelling, acting and dancing, this is a unique face that the world will definitely be seeing a lot of! Perhaps the most beautiful thing about Natarsha though, is her passion for human rights – “I want to help change the way we stereotype things.”

Firstly, how did you first get into modelling?

I was in this thing called ‘World of Wearable Arts’, where I had to dance and show off a piece of wearable art. My costume was one of the winners, so I had to do a small photoshoot. A make-up artist told me that since I was such a ‘natural’ in front of the camera, I had to model. I then sent photos to my mother agency – I had no idea what I was getting myself into but I’m really glad that I did it. 

What is the biggest job you have booked thus far? 

I haven’t really booked anything big. When I was in Paris I did the Uniqlo and Lemaire presentation. And in New Zealand I did a Glassons and Kate Sylvester Campaign which is big in little New Zealand.

If you could walk in any show what would it be? 

Probably Prada, I’d love to walk for a lot of designers but I feel like walking a Prada show would be top notch.

So as a model, the camera becomes your best friend. What goes through your mind when you’re behind the lens?? 

Nothing really, posing comes quite naturally to me. Sometimes I’m like ‘why is this taking so long? I wonder when lunch is and how much longer do I have to stand in these shoes?’

Oh the heels would be a killer, I bet all models are thinking the same thing! 

by Kate Wilson (Streetstyle NZFW)

by Kate Wilson (Streetstyle NZFW)

If you could have any model as your mentor for a day, who would it be and why?

Natalia Vodianova most definitely. I just think she is the most beautiful woman and she came from nothing and worked hard to make it. She’s also done a lot to help society, especially children – which I really appreciate and relate to. Plus she’s 33 and still killing it.

You have such a versatile look, what is your ethnicity ? 

I am half Thai & half Kiwi.

 Do you think that you are ever ‘cast typed’ in the industry? Has being mixed assisted you in booking jobs as a model? 

I don’t think anyone is ever like, “Natarsha is Eurasian we have to book her because she is Eurasian . . . ” it’s more like, “She’s Eurasian, that’s cool.” I feel like it’s not about my ethnicity, it’s about my ‘look’ and yes, being mixed is awesome because I look different which helps me book jobs, but people don’t just cast on my ethnicity – at least I hope not.

No casting would happen if it weren’t for agents, so let’s talk agencies! 

by Chihiro Lia Ottsu (Streetstyle MBFWA)

by Chihiro Lia Ottsu (Streetstyle MBFWA)

You’re signed to IMG MODELS WORLDWIDE, Michael Hooker International , Kristy Bunny Management and Red11 Models. 

Can you describe to me a little about the relationship between model and agent??

I have quite a few agencies and all of my relationships are so different. In New Zealand the fashion industry is quite ‘chill’ so my relationship between me and my mother agent is very relaxed – we are quite close and we go out for lunch – I can go to her for anything. Whereas, with my international agencies, my relationship is a lot more professional – friendly of course but nothing like my mother agency.

It’s awesome that you have such a family vibe with your mother agency – takes a lot of pressure off you!

I’ve noticed what a positive and genuine person you are, the industry needs more of you!  

What motivates you?

I guess my goals and aspirations in life motivate me. Sometimes with modelling I’m like why am I even doing this and I remind myself of the goals I’ve set and the reward of the end product.

That’s a good attitude to have.

If you weren’t a model what career path would you pursue?

I would love to pursue acting! I’ve been acting since I was a kid and love it so much.

Ok, now that we’ve had some serious discussion, let’s get into the ‘chilled’ questions!

 by Michelle Tran with make up by Victoria Martin

by Michelle Tran with make up by Victoria Martin

Who is your favourite model to work with? 

Such a tough question, but probably Sharnee Gates. She’s super cool and always a good laugh.

Sharnee is amazing. Such a lovely girl! 

Favourite magazine ?

 i-D. It’s just so cool and super super fresh and original, they ask interesting questions and the styling is always A+.

What are your fashion essentials?

Black, white and grey are my essential colours, and for clothes; a heavy winter coat, a black midi skirt, a plain t-shirt and white sneakers.

So what does a typical outfit look like for you? 

My go to outfit would have to be my black Stolen Girlfriends Club  jeans, a grey t-shirt, my white leather jacket and my vans.

What do you do to kick back on your day off ? 

On my days off you will always find me in bed, binge watching Netflix.

Sounds like my days off. . . 

What are your top 3 places to shop? 

ZARA, ASOS and Glassons.

ZARA is the best! I love that it’s such good quality but so affordable. 

Would you rather . . . 


Paris Fashion Week! The designers are more my vibe and I absolutely love Paris.

Eiffel Tower or Empire State Building? 

I’ve never seen the Empire State Building so I’m going to have to say Eiffel Tower.

Floral or monochrome ?

Monochrome – I pretty much live by my slogan ‘Black, white and grey all the way!’

Donuts or Cronuts  ?  

I haven’t actually had a Cronut so I am going to have to say Donuts. I love them coated in sugar with jelly in the middle.

Finish these sentences: 

My pet hate is . . . People walking to slow!!

My favourite word is . . . Bazinga (from the Bing Bang Theory)

My least favourite word is . . . Itchy.. Just hearing that word makes me tingly and irritated all over.

As a model, social media . . . Is advantageous IF you have a large following. For me I think I would do better without it because I’ve got quite a small following. And then there’s the whole debate over the ‘instafamous’ model. But I’ve also learnt a lot about Fashion through social media, which has been really helpful working in the Fashion industry and all that. 

I’m really passionate about . . . human rights! I feel like we all deserve an equal shot at life and not everyone is given it because of their race, gender or sexuality and I’d really like to be apart of the effect that changes that. 


by Romain Duquesne, make up by Miriam Nichterlein, styling Samara Wilson

by Romain Duquesne, make up by Miriam Nichterlein, styling Samara Wilson

 by Charlie Dennington make up by Joel Phillips and styling by Cynarra Ferguson

by Charlie Dennington make up by Joel Phillips and styling by Cynarra Ferguson

Feature Image:
Photographer – Romain Duquesne
MUA – Miriam Nichterlein
Styling – Samara Wilson