Nantucket is one of the best destinations to choose if you are a solo female traveler, especially if you are new to traveling solo.

It has enchanting historic architecture, with some of the most beautiful and well-preserved mansions and New England coastal cottages in the USA.

Safety for solo female travelers

Nantucket is an excellent choice for ladies traveling alone because the local people are very friendly and welcoming to all visitors. The island has many different private homes, inns, and other accommodation options in all areas and neighborhoods. And there are many bars, bistros, and restaurants where you can enjoy a drink or meal without being judged, stared at, or without having to book a table for yourself.

Since it is a top-rated summer vacation destination, the streets, clubs, and bars are full of people almost all night long so that you can party with the rest and you don’t have to worry about getting to the place you are staying, even by walking or riding a bike.

At the same time, with all of its endless beaches, you can find the perfect spot to relax and enjoy some solitude whenever you feel like it in Nantucket too.

If you want to communicate more with the permanent residents of the island and avoid the biggest crowds, you can book a trip to Nantucket in the spring or fall. It will be more affordable too!

Getting to Nantucket

The island is only 30 miles south of Cape Cod, so you can get there via ferry for one or up to 2:15 hours depending on which ferry you choose, or fly in via one of the commercial and charter flights to Nantucket Memorial Airport. You can find some excellent deals for cheap flights, especially during the week and when it is not the peak of the summer season.

Accommodations in Nantucket

While there are some hotels and inns on this picturesque island, the more authentic and, in most cases, the more affordable choice is to book a room, studio, or whole house from the many available traditional summer homes open for tourists.

There is one hostel on the island.

The earlier you book a room or place to stay, the better the deal you will get.

Things to see and do alone in Nantucket

Nantucket is a relatively small island, but there will never be a dull moment even if you are alone there!

There are more than 25 beaches, and all are free to access

You can spend time relaxing and reading a book on one of the many free and beautiful beaches on the island. Some of them are more crowded and popular, while others offer more peace, quiet, and solitude.

The beaches on the north coast are the most family-friendly ones because the water there is calmer, shallower, and warmer than on the other shores.

Surfers and youngsters prefer the southern beaches.

The northern and eastern beaches are the best options for those of you looking for a more private and quiet location to enjoy the stunning ocean views.

Enjoy exploring the historic architecture and sites

You don’t need to be a history geek to be fascinated by the superbly preserved landmark appearance of the houses, streets, and infrastructure of Nantucket.

When you walk around the historic downtown of Nantucket, you will feel like you have traveled back in time to centuries ago. The streets are all cobblestone, the original colonial mansions still proudly stand, along with the East Coast cottages and gardens.

There are three of the oldest functioning lighthouses on the island and some unique museums, including the Whaling Museum, the Shipwreck and Lifesaving Museum, the Lightship Basket Museum, and more.

Discover the untouched nature

The flora and fauna on the island of Nantucket have been preserved to the state they were in centuries ago when the island was considered the whaling capital of the world.

There are several sanctuaries, including the Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge and the Lost Farm Sanctuary, where you can spot a wide variety of local birds, animals, plants, and trees.

Take a stroll on Sconset Bluff Walk

This walking path is only a mile long but is one of the most picturesque and beautiful paths to take a walk in the country. It is covered with white shells and passes by some of the most iconic weathered gray shingle-style cottages in the village of Siasconset, along with their blooming gardens. The path will take you to the market, and then to the beach, and at the end to the Sankaty Light lighthouse.

Take a shopping tour

Nantucket may be a small and historic island, but it is a favorite destination for the rich and the famous. This is why you can find some of the most exclusive boutiques and stores in the country there.

There are, of course, some more affordable local stores and art galleries where you can buy some unique nautical-inspired jewelry and typical Nantucket artwork.

If you want to buy clothes without breaking the bank, there are several thrift shops where you can find some top brand clothes at very reasonable prices.