The casting agent is looking at me. “Will you be casting with a book or with Snaptch?”. I hold up my iPad as an indication. She nodded & winked “Good answer!” She took my iPad and handed it to the three people sitting behind her. They all gathered around and took a few notes while the initial lady asked me to pose for a digital. One of the men sitting at the desk then stood up & smiled at me. He walked over & handed back my iPad.

“Impressive, I have to say! You have a lot of potential in this city.”

OH MY GODDDDDDDDD!!! I am so excited!!!! In fact I don’t even need to pee anymore! Or do I? Oh for God’s sake, shut up!! Focus and listen to the man speak! Shit. Yes. Man Speaking. Sorry.

“With those shots & social stats like yours, you’re a force to be reckoned with! I’ve emailed myself what I need from your portfolio & I’ll be in touch with your agent.”


I looked over at Liu-tini (my new friend). She was waiting for me in the door way. She gave me a thumbs up. “Good work lady. I heard the feedback… it seems New York is beginning to fall into place for you!”

We went down the road & had a coffee. Sitting & watching this city unfold was very cool. It was also amazing to use the cafes bathroom & slip my shoes of for five seconds so I could once again feel my feet. As I sat and twiddled my thumbs, I watched as my new mate eagerly unpacked her iPad and started to play with her Snaptch folio. She was importing new shots from Drop Box & Instagram, changing the layout & then she proceeded to hide all of her bridal shots. “Isn’t your next casting for a bridal show?” I had to ask as I was perplexed why she would hide the work that made her look like a bridal designers dream!

“Yes but this designer is very particular! She doesn’t want to see models in any bridal wear other than her own. It’s a bit weird but it only takes me a second to hide all of these shots. I’ll just unhide them when I finish up”

Ok…it seems that Liu-tini is now giving me Snaptch tips. I immediately open up my portfolio & hide anything to do with a dishwasher. Oh and while I am at it, I take a leaf out of her book and import some of my latest shots from Facebook. As I flick through my folio to check that it all looks ok, I decide that now is a good photo opportunity for my agency back home! I grab out my iPhone and take a cute picture. A quick post with the comment …

Digital Models & The City. What on earth will be next?! #snaptchapp”

#liu-tini. #LOL

As I refresh, I have 566 likes already. It seems that models in-Vogue are also on-line. Ha! See what I did there!? #grinning. Oh god .. It seems like I have accidently packed my Australian humour. Thank god I didn’t say that one out loud.

Note to self: keep on making notes to self.


This is the Final Edition of My New York Journal.

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