By Michael Murchie

All models have to start somewhere. Many girls in their early teens are scouted off social media, at events or but presenting themselves at “walk-in” days through agencies. Some, however, have been involved in the industry for a long time before they even get to their teens.

Meet Meika Woollard. This girl has been at the top of the Australian kid’s commercial modelling scene since she was 3 years old.

I was always a little wary of the child modelling industry mainly due to reports about dodgy agency dealings and the fact that I wrongly associated the commercial kids industry with the pageant scene. Horror stories about “stage mums” and professional jealousy, backbiting and contract killings (I made that last one up!)

Meika Woollard Little Model
little friends are models too

I am happy to report that the reality is much less scary. I’m sure all that exists but it couldn’t be further from the reality for Meika and her equally beautiful sisters, all of whom model kid’s fashion.

Meika is a well grounded, happy, everyday eleven year old kid – she just happens to be breathtakingly beautiful. She loves her vegemite sandwiches for school lunch, plays basketball and does normal kid stuff every day. She is not precocious, she lives a normal family life and really enjoys her modelling.

meika 12 web 2
all my little friends are models too
Meika1web 2

I have had the pleasure of shooting with her recently. When I first met Meika she was 10. She is tall, friendly and very professional for her years. The BEST part was that there was not a stage mum in sight! Her mum Andi is not suffering any delusions. Her girls are all beautiful and don’t need any pushing – they LOVE modelling. Andi is always there and protective but she is also very professional and patient.

all my little friends are models too

Meika has had a great start shooting campaigns and walking in parades for the likes of Myer, Country Road, Witchery & Bardot Jr to name a few. She has a lot of years ahead of her in the industry yet. With her amazing face and height potential this little girl is set to make a big impression in the future.
all my little friends are models too


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