By Michele Smith
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While most in the entertainment industry, both film and music are without pretty on the eyes, most of the time their talent extends beyond their career industry pick of choice. Yes, this is correct and without question, many people in the entertainment industry, and we are specifically talking about music here, has transcended into the lucrative world of high fashion. Who are some of these female power players? The following is a very brief selection and would not come to a surprise for most of the general public.

Jennifer Lopez
This original In Living Color star turned pop musical sensation, with countless top hits clearly made her own splash in the fashion industry. The fashion icon has her own line, The Jennifer Lopez Collection, both selling in the United States and Mexico. She is known for her own urban, street smart style line, including contemporary sportswear, dresses, handbags, jewelry, shoes and sleepwear along with a home collection of bedding and towels.

Lady Gaga
While most are, still talking about the epic Super bowl halftime show; this woman is not just all about lyrics and has been a fashion trendsetter for years, that has gravitated to the masses. What most fans do not know is that she is heavily involved in the fashion industry and has collaborated with high-end designers on a multitude of levels. The artist did not even have her own line to promote when she walked Marc Jacob’s show and was literally a foot shorter than the other models who graced the runway. The celebrated artist has also worked on high-end campaigns for Donatello Versace (and they are friends), Mugler and McQueen to name just a few.

We love this artist for Under My Umbrella clearly made her debut as a musical artist, but she also unquestionably made headway in the fashion industry without blinking an eye. She recently streamlined the Fenti x Puma show, making the whole team of fashion models comfortable, and played hard-core on the New York fashion week scene. Her bad girl style has undoubtedly made an appearance on every red carpet event and at the end of the day, we love this women’s style. Finally yet importantly, let us not forget the naked dress she wore to the CFDA fashion awards.

This musical icon belted lyrics for the Black Eyed Peas and successfully started her own label, while making her own name as an artist. How did this much-loved diva transcend into fashion? Besides wearing a bondage-style top to the Milan Fashion week, the beautiful music artist had already appeared in multiple campaigns including Versace. She has premiered on hot mom’s Vogue edition for her relentless bad mom style and continues to make headway with her “MILF” Video. Stay tuned for more to come for this artist.