By Alex Knies – @alexknies_

It may look glamorous, but modeling is surprisingly a lot of hard work. Believe it or not, models aren’t usually born with toned abs and long, lean legs. There’s a lot of dedication to train as a model that goes behind the perfected runway walk.

Before I even got to go to runway castings, I had months of training before-hand. Walking in heels is more difficult than it may look. Even if I spent everyday of my life wearing stilettos I would still need training on how much to swing my arms and how to pose at the end of the stage.

There’s a ton of different aspects when it comes to “the walk.” From the angle your back is arched at, to the amount of fear you instill on those watching you just by your facial expression.

When I went to my first runway training session, I was surprised at how much I had to learn. Who knew my back should be arched at least twenty degrees? I certainly didn’t. And judging by the confusion on the other models’ faces, they didn’t either.

I was always told I had a confident walk. According to my friend, that walk was what would get me on the runways. Of course, she had never been to a runway class when she told me that. Otherwise she would have told me that my confidence would get me nowhere.

Like a toned body, confidence is only a small portion of mastering the runway. Your feet should cross in front of one another when you walk. But not too much- otherwise it doesn’t look natural. Your strides should be long and proud. But not too lengthy- you’re taking the attention away from what you’re walking in.

You can even sign up for facial expression classes. But don’t it twisted: this isn’t for actors. All you’ll spend hours doing is practicing how to look sultry. Or how to smile as you walk. Even eye placement can be a whole other lesson. Your eyes shouldn’t wander along the audience. Even if Anna Wintour is in the front row you just have to look directly in front of you.

It can take months- even years- to master your runway walk. Even supermodel sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid try to practice their walk when off-duty. There’s always room to improve on your strut. In it’s own way, modeling is a sport. The work is difficult but the outcome can be incredible. So lots of practicing your walk in heels, in front of mirror, can be worth it. You might just hit a home-run in front of Anna.