Whether you are building a new home or renovating, contractors can incorporate various technologies into kitchen design. Smart devices can blend seamlessly into the design aesthetic, and many appliances are so sleek and beautiful they enhance spaces. There are dozens of ways to add technology to a kitchen, and the following seven are incredibly trendy:

1. The Smart Refrigerator  

Imagine owning a refrigerator that will let you know you left its door open or remind you that you’re running low on milk. Today you can have a refrigerator that does these things and much more. If you are considering a kitchen upgrade, you can locate professionals who will provide information about smart appliances just by doing an online search for “kitchen design experts near me.” 

Not all smart refrigerators have the same features, but they all allow you to control functions using a smartphone. Some models let you see what’s inside the fridge, send or receive notes, and make calendar entries that appear on the appliance’s screen. 

2. Smart Stoves and Microwaves 

Technology is also making cooking faster and easier. For example, professionals at Mastering Kitchens recommend smart microwaves that offer a variety of features, including an LED screen, Wi-Fi, and downloadable apps.

Smart stoves share many features with smart microwaves and can also be controlled with a smartphone. The technology allows you to come home to a preheated oven, monitor the amount of cooking time left, and check the temperature. Like conventional models, smart stoves are sold in various sizes and price ranges, but they are all sleek and good-looking enough to enhance your decor.

3. The Wi-Fi Enabled Crock-pot 

Think about a more intelligent version of your Instant Pot, and you have a smart Crock-Pot. The devices work as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, yogurt maker, steamer, and rice cooker. They can even bake and warm cakes.  

The Wi-Fi-enabled cookers allow users to control temperature, functions, and timing from their smartphones. Devices are compatible with both Apple and Android devices. 

4. Smart Coffeemakers 

A smart coffee maker works like most automatic versions but includes a wireless connection. You can stay connected to the coffee maker and remotely control features such as grinding and brewing and adjusting coffee strength and quantity.  

5. A Kitchen Food Composter

Most new kitchen technology is eco-friendly and helps conserve energy, but a kitchen composter is especially earth-friendly. Per House Beautiful, the appliance allows you to reduce mess, odor, and waste by breaking down food to a fraction of its original size in a few hours.

It is compact enough to fit almost anywhere in the room, and it can be very quiet. Composted material may be added to soil to help grow plants and flowers.  

6. Alexa/Google Home 

Most smart appliances are Alexa, and Google enabled. You can also ask these devices to do things like read a recipe, play a cooking video, or play a song. They will add items to a shopping list and make a call for you. 

7. Smart Kitchen Displays

The same touchscreen technology found on computers and smart appliances can be added to other areas of a kitchen. Contractors will install a built-in display between kitchen walls or add them to walls and countertops. Digital displays make it easy to use your voice or fingers to locate recipes.

Incorporating technology in kitchen design creates more efficient, multi-functional spaces. Hi-tech devices and appliances are typically Wi-Fi-connected, controlled using a smartphone, and respond to Alexa or Google Home devices. Trending kitchen technology includes smart coffee makers, Crock-Pots, microwaves, stoves, kitchen displays, and refrigerators.