by Michele Smith
Facebook- MicheleSmithMarketing

Most people whether they are supermodels or not, sometimes have issues with working out on vacations or on assignment, since this is a chosen profession where fit is in (after all this is their job). There are always options out there and it truly just depends on doing a little bit of homework beforehand. Travellers, models and business people alike can also utilize these tips on how to take advantage of how to raise their heart rate while out on the road.

The first and easiest plan of action is to find out if the hotel you are staying at has a hotel gym. Most models tend to do their workouts first thing in the morning, so it is also important to find out what the gym hours are. It is also super important to pack your athletic shoes in your carry on, just in case you run into any luggage issues.

Another great way to stay fit while traveling, is simply by pounding the pavement outdoors. For example, when having a modeling assignment in Manhattan the fitness opportunities are endless. One can do anything from taking a jog in Central Park, to simply trekking up and down the endless hilly streets. On a positive note, you can literally shop until you drop.

Another great tip is to find out if there is a swimming pool at your hotel ahead of time and bring a bathing suit. Swimming is an excellent cardio vascular activity, so be sure to bring a bathing suit if this is your workout of choice. This is a great way for any model, swimsuit or not, to exercise multiple sections of the body, while maxing out burning calories at the same time. For travelers to the Maui area, the beach trail right outside of Napili offers multiple of hiking options.

There are multiple places to hike, guided trails and not, and there is even beach access if you want to take a jog along the coast. For models into ocean water activities for that matter, there is surfing (you can always take a lesson first to see if this is something for you) boogie boarding, and finally, paddle boarding. These are fun activities to get some vitamin D in while enjoying the outdoors at the same time.

For the models who can afford this, a personal trainer is a great way to make sure you stay in shape while on the road. Many trainers will customize a work out plan prior to a model’s assignment and suggest simple exercises they can do from the road. For example, planks can be done anywhere and are great for the core.

A jump rope is an easy exercise tool to pack in your suitcase as well. Please note however, that using the jump rope in your room is not the best option if there are hotel guests staying down below you. Last, for those models who can have trainers, thanks to technology, your workouts can even be delivered to you virtually. How cool is that?