By Lauren Tricker@modelsontrend
Alli Simpson – @allisimpson

17-year-old Aussie, Alli Simpson, is the one to watch out for within the modelling and music industry, and is swiftly becoming to be one of the most influential teens in the public eye, though it’s safe to say that she does not take her role lightly. Currently living in Los Angeles, California, Alli’s enthusiasm and message of staying true to yourself enables her to be an inspiration for women and men across the world.

Originating from the Gold Coast of Australia, Alli has transitioned from being a competitive swimmer to teaming up with some of our favourite household names. Having only started modelling five years ago at the youthful age of 12, precisely a year after she’d moved to LA, Alli is the perfect example that kindness, sincerity, and self belief is all you need to succeed in this world.

The blonde beauty’s first campaign was with teen-targeted shoe company ‘Love Pastry’, and it’s fair to say that she’s come a long way since then. Alli has recently featured in campaigns with international accessories giant ‘Claire’s’, and American clothing brand ‘Mudd’, which she worked alongside with Noah Cyrus, Sammy Wilk, Stella Hudgens, and Vine duo, Jack & Jack. When asked what it was like to collaborate with such brands, Simpson describes it as “a dream come true” as she’s “made some incredible friends out of it”, and later discusses how thankful she is for the oppurtunities she has rightfully received whilst living in LA.

Alli American Apparel

To add to her growing list of accomplishments, Alli already has four singles under her belt, after releasing her first hit song ‘Why I’m Single’ in June 2013. The Aussie states that her elder brother, singer, Cody Simpson, was the one who inspired her “to make music in the first place”.


When asked about her future plans, Simpson states that she prefers to take “one day at a time”, though promises that more music is on the way. Her most recent single, ‘Roll ’em Up’ featuring Jack & Jack, is her first ever musical collaboration, and states that the boys were “super fun” to work with, whilst agreeing she would love to work with them in the future.

Alli Simpson
Alli Simpson


Furthermore, Alli has become the host of her own self-titled radio show on American station ‘Radio Disney’, primarily discussing topics such as fashion, music, and boys. When asked about how she’d earned her role, Alli discusses how she’d worked with the company doing interviews with stars such as One Direction and Justin Bieber at various times throughout the past few years. Ever since airing, ‘The Alli Simpson Show’ has featured celebrity guests such as Gigi Hadid, Fifth Harmony, and Nick Jonas, with the blonde bombshell agreeing it’s “pretty damn cool” to have her own show.

Alli Simpson
Alli Simpson


As well as accessorizing, Alli is also a big lover of fashion. Often sharing outfit inspiration across her social media, the Aussie has accumulated over 3.1 million followers on Twitter and Instagram combined, but is also known and loved for spreading her down-to-earth, motivational status’ discussing the positivity involved with new experiences and life as a whole.

Reverting back to the topic of fashion, Simpson states that “all kinds of boots” are her favourite fall fashion item, and particularly loves to incorporate “tans, navy blues and military greens” within her outfits in order to follow autumnal trends. Although it’s frequently seen that she always ensures add her own unique touch of sophistication and class that money simply cannot buy. Alli later states that a “tight sleek ponytail” or a “messy bun” are her go-to’s this season.

Alli Simpson
Alli Simpson

When asked about her style icons, Simpson chooses “Selena Gomez, Candice Swanepoel, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley” and also her Mum, though just like many other girls of her age, with myself included, she uses “fashion blogs and tumblr” for ongoing inspiration.

During our conversation, Alli also discusses her passion for travelling, and mentions how she “fell in love with Europe” after visiting, but particularly took appeal to cities such as Paris and Barcelona. The Aussie also states that her “dream trip” would be to holiday destination Santorini, Greece with all of her closest friends.

To conclude, Alli Simpson is a prime example that a good attitude, ambition, and a smile is all you need to achieve what you can only dream to do, therefore making her what I, and many others, aspire to replicate in ourselves.