I’m Just an Instagram Number

When I first started writing this, I was interrupted by my phone buzzing to tell me I had two new followers on Instagram. I used to be happy about it – like when I had 1000 followers- but now, each notification is just a reminder that I am going to need to find something interesting to post as well as make it to all of my castings.

Social Media Can Be Revolting

Back in the beginning, I didn’t use social media. My brother was way into it though. He has a Twitter account that he constantly tweets perfectly obnoxious things:

“Saw my sister on a magazine cover. Still think she is a dork.”

And he does it In less than 140 characters.

I’m just not into that type of stuff. I much rather have my time sitting back in a pair of yoga pants, watching some reality TV while giving myself a pedicure.

That is my idea of fun- not posting a picture of my half-painted toes so that some creepy guy can repost it on a foot fetish site.

But my agent wants followers and followers want crazy. You know, like Kim K crazy. Sure, make me a celebrity, but isn’t this borderline working for free?

Get To Know Your Everyday Model

A lot of times, my agent posts things for me. She’ll grab snapshots from backstage, OMG moments that are safe to share, and paparazzi style on-set pics. Still, everyone at the agency has been hounding me about finding my own things to share so that fans get to know me.

Let’s see…. I’m a human being. I eat, sleep and poop. Occasionally I paint my toenails.

That’s worked to get me the first couple thousand, but how do I reach the 500,000 my agent is pushing for.

Smile and Wave

The whole Instagram situation reminds me of when my mom had me do pageants. There I was, parading around like an overdressed clown smiling big and doing whatever I could to impress the judges. It wasn’t until I was a teenager that I realized pageant life was not for me. Too much smiling and acting. I just wanted to strut.

So when my pageant coach told her infamous modeling vs. beauty queen joke, I knew it was time to take decisive action…

“What’s the difference between a model and a beauty queen? Personality.”

She sure had a lot to say about my personality when I left to sign with an agency.

I dodged the bullet of endless smiling and waving only to enter an industry where I’m judged by my ability to share personal pictures of my life.

Well – now you now – I suck at it, but I don’t think that has anything to do with my skills as a model.