By Jenni Sellan

Australia’s premier fashion event was just held in Sydney this week and on the flip side of the glamour, there’s no questioning that in reality fashion week is notorious for its fair share of chaos. And with its erratic timetables, unavoidable cab delays and an abundance of required patience and the offer of fre-flowing champagne, for a model it can all be a little overwhelming.

It’s style on steroids, its madness is infectious and survival is paramount. So what are the secrets to survival?

We’ve rounded up some of the best advice for surviving fashion week so tuck this one away for future reference.

1. Your favourite playlist. Amidst the crazy there will be more than a few hours spent waiting for castings and sitting in the chair for hair and make up. Your favourite tunes will be your best company

2. Plenty of healthy snacks to keep you energised, lets be honest there’s not always time for lunch

3. Water on tap! Always have a bottle of water on hand; it’s so important to stay hydrated and think of the benefits to your skin!

4. Beauty Sleep. As tempting as it can be to head out to all the after parties, be disciplined about your sleep, getting as much snooze time in as possible to keep you fresh, mind, body soul and spirit!

5. Invest in a quality make up remover and moisturiser to rid your skin of all the make up and allowing it to bask in a moisture bath over night

6. Always have your phone charger and your battery charger on hand to keep your devices fully charged and ready for those back stage selfies

7. Try and squeeze in some exercise, even if it’s pulling out your best dance moves in your hotel room!

8. Know what helps you to relax, maybe a good book, music, or downloading your favourite movie to watch, or going for a walk. Relaxation is essential especially when your day has been filled with crazy

9. Invest in and pack the essential large dark sunglasses, the perfect solution for hiding tired eyes and staying stylish on the run

10. And when you have walked your last show, GO OUT, have a champagne and dance the night away