By Michele Smith
Facebook – MicheleSmithMarketing

Many seasoned models eventually have the opportunity to travel and some even have the added benefit of traveling worldwide.

So what products are in a model’s travel pack and are they useful for anyone who frequently travels? There following are a couple travel items that you will find in a models carry-on that you may want to consider not leaving home without either.

First, we look at what models pack in their in-flight carry on. After all, who doesn’t want to look like a supermodel when they arrive and get off the plane? While not everyone has the luxury of being able to sleep on the plane, models who fly often recommend a quality moisturizer or facial spritzer to help make their skin look great in a pinch.

For those who are concerned with frizzy hair during long flights, some models recommend a residue-free frizz tamer to help say goodbye to plane hair static. Other models recommend face oils that they apply mid-flight and when they land, to help with created a fresh moisturized look after the flight.  Finally yet importantly, models always stay hydrated and a bottled water purchased in the terminal will always be found in a models travel bag.

What else do models travel with that do not involve a moisturizing beauty regime? Most models will travel with a pair of tennis shoes, which come in very handy when landing and literally having to rush off for a shoot. Comfortable shoes are key in general. Depending on what they need to bring to the shoot, models may throw their makeup bag in their carry-on and a required outfit for the shoot.

Anyone who travels can utilize these tips, as it never hurts to have your makeup and an extra outfit if your luggage goes missing. This is also important when it comes to flying with your jewelry as well – most models will carry sentimental jewelry in case of potential luggage loss. Also, and this should go without saying, an oversized travel bag is necessary here and yes, the bag should be stylish.

The obvious model travel items which apply to all include a passport, license, credit cards and of course their phones. With technological advances on airplanes where one can charge their phones in flight and at charging stations in airports – a phone charger will be in the bag as well.

Many models travel with their Kindle to entertain on long flights. A more obvious item to bring is a hairbrush in order to be able to get off the flight looking good or a hair clip always works as an alternative in a crunch as well.  Models also travel with perfume. This makes sense for any traveler who does not want to smell as if they have been on a 12-hour flight. Finally yet importantly, you will find a camera in a models travel bag if they do not have an iPhone that takes pictures and an eye mask for muting out interior plane lights for sleeping.