By Carrie Lynn
Blog – OnOption

MODEL PURGATORY: A housing service provided by the agency specifically for their models, with no initial expenses paid up front.

(warning: things that seem to good to be true, usually are!)

Did I say “purgatory?” I meant housing, even though I find purgatory to be more suiting!  Personally I wouldn’t want to be charged up the @$$ to live in a barrack full of divas… self entitled divas. Been there, done that. Never again…

My second year down in Miami, I was fortunate to be living in a model apartment with an awesome roommate. So awesome we had the whole two bedroom apartment to ourselves, for a few months, yet still shared the same room!  We did everything together. Wow I sound like a lesbo…no I am not gay.

Moving on… the agency wanted to move three more models in, two of which, I was friends with.  The third, lets call her… Brat. The name suits her! Whats that saying? “If the glove fits?” Well, the glove fit…like a glove!  Brat was this beautiful new young thing. She had enough confidence for the whole agency!  Anyway, Brat made a bad first impression, on all of us. Before she even introduced herself to me she had the nerve to ask my roommate and I, which one of us was willing to move our room.  She wanted the larger room with the bathroom attached.  I mean, who wouldn’t, but seriously???

Oh, I forgot to mention Brat has balls. Not real ones obviously, figurative ones.  Anyhow, there was no way in hell either of us were moving out for her. We had been there for months and I call seniority!  Nonetheless I was still willing to give her a chance. The other girls…not so much!

Sometime before she showed up the two other girls moved in.  Making sure their clothing was tossed about the room so she couldn’t remove their bags and set up camp!  By the time Brat actually showed up, the futon was her only option. Take that! I mean, poor thing!  I have to say I actually did feel bad for about 5 minutes. But the girl was a nightmare from the time she messaged me about her stay until she left.

I’ve never met a bigger tattle-tale-thief!!! Upon her exit, she had stolen clothing and a cellphone from one of the other models and had started numerous rumors around castings. What a catty bbbb-brat!  It may not sound like much, but in her short 3 weeks stay, she managed to make our lives hell in turn turning everyone against her.

There were actually quite a few characters that came in and out during my stay. Like the one who slept her way to success.  We wont talk about her!  Or the one whose mother came with the package.  I’m not sure how she managed to work that out, but we won’t talk about her either!

Don’t get me wrong, not all of the girls were awful!  I actually made a few good friends out of it.  I feel like it’s a good experience, at least when you’re new to the industry.  You definitely learn a lot!

Like not overstaying your stay!

Another warning: In the Miami off season, MOVE OUT IMMEDIATELY!  I can’t stress enough how much it sucks to rack up a model apartment bill on your account when there is no work coming in!  I think I ate every meal out of a vending machine for a month straight!!!  Business clearly comes before the wellness of a model.  They didn’t care we were starving.  They wanted their rent.  NO FOOD FOR YOU!  Ha.

models life

One night we broke the rules and had our male model friends visit. Good tunes & minimal seating!

models life

Me and my awesome roomate