Ok, ok, ok – imagine this.

You’ve been invited to the sickest party of the year, all the hottest magazine editors, designers, casting directors and photographers will be there. You dress up, look good and make an entrance.

Over the course of the night you find yourself drinking champaign and chatting with all these cool people – you’re nailing it, at one point you’re getting along with a big name photographer and he wants to shoot you. He loves your look and thinks he can get you in front of Ed Razek from Victoria’s Secret – this is it, your big break.

Only now you’ve got that awkward moment; does he hand you his business card? You don’t have one, so perhaps you follow him on Instagram? But isn’t that a little risky…what if your message gets lots in his DM’s? What if he doesn’t follow you back straight away? You can’t ask for his number, that’s a little too personal and you totally forgot his name already….

An all too common occurrence at almost every single event you’ll ever go too.

They say your network is your network but if you can’t keep in contact or actually utilise these contacts, what’s the point?

It’s a cool story to go into your agency and say you met the biggest photographer in the world and he was so down to shoot, but if that’s all you got – a he said she said, then what benefit is there? It’s as if your whole night was waste of time…

But not for the sneaky few who have already cottoned on. The ones who are already using the app specifically designed to eliminate any wasted opportunity – CINQ. THE PERFECT CONNECTION.

An app designed to streamline the networking experience in our day and age. Practically a digital business card which eradicates any awkwardness out of swapping contact info.

The process is simple, download the app and fill out your profile with your name, number (add another international one if you’re always travelling), link your website, connect your IG, add your emails (work & personal) and then whenever you meet someone you actually want to stay connected with, add them through CINQ.

If they’re then on the app, you’ll have access to their card with all the same information. Yet if they’re not – they’ll receive a text message saying that they met you (in whatever city your located) and that you want to connect and stay in touch. Prompting them to then download the app and in turn, give you their card.

So basically instead of taking the 5mins to try and write their name with the correct spelling, finding them on IG and then also getting their email; work and personal – because remember as much as they want to connect you with their agency, they’re working on a side project too – you can swiftly connect with one action.

Meaning more laughing with champaign and less awkward, uncomfortable encounters…

Remember, success is no longer calculated by how much money you have, it’s based on how valuable the people surrounding you are. Both a social and professional space.

In our industry, you can’t afford to lose any connection you make – it might just be your big break.