By Gritty Pretty

Summer can’t come soon enough.

While there’s only a few months mere weeks left until we whip off our shirts and run towards the sound of the ocean screaming “summmmmer!”, international fashion shows are already dictating beauty trends for spring/summer 2018. Luckily, living in the southern hemisphere means we’ll get to trial them first. So here’s some mani-inducing inspiration you’ll be wearing this holiday season for your viewing pleasure.


Hear us out: there’s nothing like citrus to cleanse the palette, or in this case completely shake off winter vibes. Models at Marc Jacobs Spring 2018 show wore orange on their nails, showcasing two statement-making orange shades (one fanta-bright and the other more coral) that brought back the retro hue without feeling outdated. Beginners, start with sherbet and pink-based oranges.


As one of the most requested shades in Sydney nail salons, nude is the universal safe choice. This spring/summer, it’s even lighter and brighter with a touch of pink, as seen at Marc Jacobs Spring 2018 show. This demure, feminine shade has been the beauty industry’s IT colour of 2017 with KKW Beauty, Fenty Beauty, Mecca Cosmetica and many more brands tapping into its understated aesthetic.


At Marchesa’s Spring 2018 show, O.P.I Infinite Shine Polish in ‘Don’t Provoke The Plum‘ was used to complement the oriental collection, inspired by the designer’s travels to Japan. While plum is usually reserved for cooler seasons, this one sits closer to fuchsia making it suitable for summer. Pair with frosé or red wine on a balmy summer’s evening and girl, you’re done.


Nails were noticeably bare on the catwalk as seen at Marc Jacobs, Dior, Stella McCartney, YSL and many more. Admittedly, this is probably the most realistic summer nail routine. Use the reprieve between polish to saturate your nails with a nourishing base-coat or hardening nail treatment. Glossy or matte, your call.


The classic hue was used both in touches for nail art and on its own at the Spring 2018 shows from Phillip Lim 3.1. to the L’Oreal Paris Fashion Show where Jane Fonda wore it on her nails while she triumphantly held her hands up  in a peace sign down the runway, and what’s good enough for Fonda is surely good enough for every girl, mother and grandmother. The colour is basically anti-ageing.


Whether you get silver specs as seen at Anna Sui, or a metallic half moons by Calvin Lau (both done with O.P.I polishes) – make this reflective colour your party season go to for something that looks just as fresh the next morning and the one after that, and the one after that. Glitter, as you know, has massive staying power.