By Calynn M. Lawrence

If there were any super model on earth who could personify the meaning of the word “sultry,” it is most certainly Adriana Lima! The Brazilian bombshell beauty is a true knock out. She has been noted by fans and on-lookers as the most beautiful woman in history. Can you blame them? With piercing steel blue eyes and long, lush raven locs, this foreign phenom is nothing short of drop dead gorgeous! However, her stunning aesthetic is not the only thing that has made her such a success, it was also her hard work ethic that helped propel her to her ultimate stardom. This article is going to give you the basic run down of how Ms. Lima became so fierce, fabulous and fantastic!

Adriana Lima
adriana Lima

According to Lima, she never thought of modeling as a potential career in her childhood. She actually kind of fell into the industry and then decided that she was a natural! In 1995, she submitted photos and an application to Ford’s “Supermodel of Brazil” contest as a means of having fun and being supportive to her friends who also entered. Unsurprisingly, she received a call back and was admitted into the competition. Having no prior modeling experience or formal training, she managed to take first place and take home the prize! Soon after that, she moved up the ranks to Ford’s “Supermodel of the World” competition and finished super strong with second place! Beating out thousands of girls who likely were much more accustomed to the industry than she was, proving her modeling talent was a gift, almost second nature to her.

Although she has walked the catwalk for countless major labels such as Fendi, Sean John, Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton and many others, she is still best known for her work as a Victoria’s Secret Angel. This is obviously a title earned seeing as how she is a Vitcoria’s Secret veteran, being their longest running Angel in history. She has been in every single show since her first year in 2000. She even managed to walk the stage just a couple of months after giving birth to her child. According to Forbes, this bombshell beauty pulls in an approximated average of $7.3 million dollars every single year just from the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show alone! Wow, talk about dedication!

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As you can see, Adriana Lima has clearly made it known that she has been in the game too long to quit. In addition to these ventures, she was a Maybelline spokesmodel for 6 years and did editorial modeling as well for magazines such as Vogue and Elle. As her way of giving back, she is a regular donor and volunteer of the orphanage, “Paths of Light” in Salvador. She is also proudly religious and reportedly volunteers at her congregation. Sharing her success with others is very meaningful to her and it shows that there is always room to contribute to the community. What a well rounded individual!model millionaires