By Michele Smith
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Models, no matter what size or shape, they generally have a certain confidence and aura about them. Why is this? How do you look like a model? Is it a certain secret shampoo? Or is it as simple as the designer’s they were. Or is it just all about the accessories?

In the fast paced world of fashion, designers come in and out with lightning speed, making it almost next to impossible to come up with the latest trends. However we have noticed one notable trailblazer in the industry jump from strength to celebrity and we are watching these guys kill it in the model styling game. In steps Meadowlark Jewelry, the simplistic yet artsy designs are a surefire must-have no matter the occasion. And what makes these guys stand out from the pack?

model jewelry, meadowlark jewelry
model jewelry

Meadowlark jewelry is created from the purest of metals and skillful set in the most precious of stones. Wedded in business and love, owners Claire Hammon and Greg Fromont have created a company based on their graphic design background combined with their skate culture. Creativity and design inspire every element of their work and their customers simply rave about their product line.

From Rhianna to Zoe Kravitz, and every last standing angel, these celebrities and models have all been drenched in the Meadowlark girls bling for the past few years.model jewelry, meadowlark jewelry

Each piece is designed individually – which is great when it comes to showcasing your own personal style, and they are not just for the rich and famous – the prices are reasonable for custom quality jewelry.

There most recent collections include the Dynasty, Alchemy, Ritual and Zenith to name a few. There are also numerous locations to purchase including Manhattan, San Francisco, Newport Beach, Portland and even Austin.

The current 4th finger ring is the trend and very similar to Vogue’s recent highlight of the 4th finger nail polish highlight. For those interested in the latest trend that the media has picked up on, Meadowlark Jewelry has been featured in numerous magazines including Seventeen, Russian Tatler, Brides USA, and Vogue Thailand to name a few.

At the end of the day, check out the jewelry line for yourself at Meadowlark Jewely – your welcome.