By Jenni Sellan

Their credentials and accomplishments combined have earned them legitimate IT Status in fashion as they lead the way in industry change, championing the cause for the protection and rights of models; blazing new trails and carving out new pathways for the current faces and the new breed of models coming behind them.

So who are they and why do we love them and need them?

She’s the girl you want on your team, cheering in your corner.

Sarah Ziff. Founding director of The Model Alliance; a not for profit organisation created with the purpose of protecting the labour rights of models and extending through the creative industries, from the runway to garment factory floors this girl is on a mission to change the world, and she is.model friends

A former model and Harvard Graduate, Sara has recognised and realised the potential of fashion’s platform and the achievements of the organisation she fronts are nothing short of amazing.

A leading advocate for models rights, Sara has been relentless in the fight and the work of The Model Alliance is shaping an entirely new experience for the next generation and creating a culture of accountability within the fashion industry. Here’s a quick summary of just a few of the reasons why Sara Ziff is fashion’s most trusted friend with the perfect alliance.

– Instrumental in the passing of the Child Labour Act Passed in New York State, a child labour bill for the protection of the rights of young models under the age of 18

– Introducing sexual harassment protection legislation in the US due to be passed later this year.

– Conducting the largest study to date on eating disorders in the fashion industry and it’s impact on the health and well being of models with researchers from Harvard University, North-eastern University and Boston Children’s Hospital

– Raising awareness through media and film demonstrating what its really like to be a model through powerful personal stories (Picture Me 2009)

– Focused and determined to end sexual violence in the global fashion industry & a vocal supporter of diversity.model friends

No threats, just promises. James Scully. The models unapologetic whistle blower outing industry insiders who have been abusing and taking advantage of models, some for decades.

Think of him as the protective big brother, publically speaking out against gross mistreatment and conduct and unafraid of the Influencers. He called it.
Enough is enough and having now joined forces with the advisory board at The Model Alliance, alongside Sara Ziff, he is determined for no model to ever feel silenced or voiceless again.

Times up. Big brother’s watching!

Cameron Russel. She opened up the discussion as to what it’s really like to be a model through that infamous TED talk and like Ziff, has understood and taken full advantage of the platform modelling has given her.model friends

A known activist, in 2017, Russel, broke the silence again, directing herself this time to instagram, sharing dozens of personal accounts of anonymous models bravely sharing their stories of abuse and mistreatment at the hands of fashion’s predators. With a snowball affect that crossed international boarders the #MyJobShouldNotIncludeAbuse campaign was born.

We all need friends that have our back, the people that stand up for us no matter what the cost and without condition. With these three ‘powerhouses’ now a permanent part of fashion’s circle, it’s become very evident, that  ‘all their friends are models’