By Michele Smith
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When it comes to the utter glamour of any runway show, we need to give props for the models who not only strut the runway, but actually put the effort in on a daily basis to stay in shape, eat healthy and have the confidence to do the work. The following are a couple of tips and tricks where you can diet like a runway model and not, and make a change with all of your daily eating habits. These are truly from the horse’s mouth (or model’s mouth) and actually implanting into your daily routine may work for you. Some of these model eating habits you may actually find surprising.

 1. Eat Salmon for breakfast. First of all, salmon is an extremely healthy fish and when you have the opportunity to have this fresh, you are doing your body an extreme favor. Model Anya Kazakova, will have this for breakfast combined with Gazpacho soup and beet juice. The bottom line here, model or not, is to have a protein rich diet, combined with veggies if need be. While salmon isn’t a miracle weight-loss alternative, salmon is certainly a better choice than the heavy choices like high carbohydrate breakfasts, and heavy cheese omelettes.

2. Drink Lots of Water. Yes, water is your friend and try to have an earth friendly water bottle on you at all times. This is completely something that any human being needs to encompass. While there are numerous obvious benefits, water will help every aspect of your body, from weight loss to overall health.

3. Pressed Juices are your friend. First of all, the press fails to mention how healthy mentions how great juicing is for you. Juicing is great alternative to introduce other products rather than sugar, and, and is a great way for a healthy alternative. Find a juicer and organic fruits that you like, and start juicing away. If you have a Breville Juicer and find it difficult to clean it, Here’s a guide on How To Clean Breville Juicer.

4. Runway models do eat sandwiches. While most people find this absolutely surprising, it is true. While not a day-to-day habit, many models do occasionally go for the for the fattier sandwiches, such as steak and pulled pork; the healthier sandwiches models go for are typically goat cheese and avocado. The point here is if you splurge do so sparingly.

5. Models bring their own food with them to runway shows. Most events such as these, have catered food for all of the models and staff. However, a model never knows if there is going to be healthy food choices available. To minimize splurging, models bring their own food with them, such as granola bars and other snacks. Anyone in the corporate world can certainly take advantage of this tip as well.

7. Models rarely drink carbonated drinks. Most people know that sodas are not the healthiest beverage choice, but behind the scenes this carbonated beverages cause gas, bloating, and cellulite. Sodas also are really high in sugar, which results in major crashes throughout the day For anyone who is looking to maintain their figure or lose weight, this is certainly a beverage to avoid. Models prefer to sip on coffee and tea, coffee is also a metabolism booster.

8. Some Models Use Waist Trainers Stuff: You Know Why Every model looks curvy and physically attractive? They use some waist trainers to shape their body like hourglass.
These items can customize your overall body and hide your extra fat to look attractive. The Majority are using that waist trainer you can check here to see as well. They also follow the strict diet plan and do regular exercise as well with that.