Like the model off duty look, the model in flight mode is similar in its design. Made up of basics, it appears effortless and chic; as if you’ve given no thought to it. It’s a mix of designer items accumulated over the years and a few other things found stuffed in the draw. It’s something you’ll be comfortable to sleep in for the next 12+hrs travelling, yet appear stylish and sophisticated once you land.

Considerring there are two very different types of travellers; those who opt for comfort all the way, and those who remember to pack a second outfit for when they land. We’ve put together a list of our top picks for those to wear on their next flying adventure.

airport attire
airport attire
airport attire


Depending on your style, if you’re the grunge active, sophisticated sleak or model off duty classic – the basic the better.


Tights, trackpants and slouch shorts are the recommended go to here or a pair of classic black skinny leg jeans. You want something you can easily run around and dodge the paps in whilst you race to you car, so skirts aren’t really an appropriate option…


Easily, the number one wardrobe item every model needs to pack for the plane. From a big oversized hoodie or bomber, to a flattering trench or blazer; these are a staple not to be missed.


Comfort, comfort, comfort. Again, you need to be able to walk swiftly with ease. Sky high heels are definitely NOT recommended, you don’t want to get stuck on an escalator or slip on the tiles. Sneakers, slides and other forms of closed in shoes are much more preferred.


If you opt for this, we recommend slouch and oversized. Remembering you can always dress it up or down with your accessories.