By Michele Smith
Facebook – MicheleSmithMarketing

It doesn’t matter if you are new to the industry or an experienced model, there are certain rules when it comes to submitting a model application to agencies and this can easily make or break your career. The rules are simple and may seem quite obvious, but at the end of the day any aspiring or current model should know that this industry is a small swimming pool, and agencies do talk to each other. The following will not only help you navigate the waters, but help you avoid simple application mistakes. The bottom line is that signing up with an agency will help anyone get more casting calls.

Research the agencies in your area

Google is your friend. Research the agencies in your area and determine if they are a fit for what you are looking for – genre, print modelling, runway and more. While you are doing research it is also important to find out what each agency wants. The important point here is that you want to make sure that the fit is a win-win on each side, otherwise applying is a waste of time for both parties. Additionally, as an applicant a potential model will look bad for not doing research prior to submitting.

Have professional photos prepared

While this goes back to the point above (a.k.a. do your homework first regarding submission requirements), you absolutely need to have professional photos. Yes, this means headshots, full body shots and shots that truly reflect your personality; while not submitting photos from your webcam. Most agencies at the minimum require one head shot and one full body shot.

Treat the application process like any other job

This means write a cover letter and a resume if you have any prior modelling experience. The cover letter should contain information such has height, weight, dress size, bust measurement, waist and shoe size. In addition, the letter should explain why you would interested in modelling for their agency, why you have what it takes and why you want to model in general, if you are new to the industry. Also, be sure to include any past drama, acting, training or dancing work. This will help you score extra points if your resume is lacking due to lack of modelling experience.

Make sure that you submit the correct way

Submission guidelines are key here. If the website says submit via email, do not send in a submission package via snail mail. Keep in mind follow up protocol as well. If the agency welcomes follow up phone calls do so, however do not call if anything is stated to the contrary. If the agency does encourage follow up calls, it is very important to call during business hours. First, you want to reach a live person and second, if you are calling after hours the agency will may think you are not readily accessible or your message may be lost in a sea of voicemails with other aspiring talent.  Most importantly, do not randomly show up unless there is an official open casting call posted.