By Michele Smith
Facebook – MicheleSmithMarketing

How does a supermodel or any model prepare for a photo shoot? While ultimately the success of the shoot does fall on the burden of the professional photographer, there are keys steps a model can take to help with the overall positive outcome of the event. This is what goes on from a photographer’s perspective and how a model should prep for a shoot.

First, a rule of thumb for any model is that the end goal is to make the photographer’s life easier. After all, the reason any professional model is hired is to make the shoot go as seamlessly as possible. The simple things a model can and should do, is to eat healthy and get a good night’s sleep. If this does not happen, the makeup artist is either going to have to spend more time “fixing” the model which will add to the length of the shoot and the model should keep in mind if this is a paid gig for a top designer, they will most likely not be hired again if they do not follow this rule.

Another rule is that a model needs to show up on time to avoid delays. This means researching the shoot location prior to make sure there are not any parking challenges and planning for traffic if the shoot is during a busy commute time.

Before the photo shoot, every model should discuss with the photographer exactly what they should bring to the shoot. While high-end fashion shoots provide designer clothing, depending on the theme and style of other shoots, most models need to bring certain clothing. It is also very important for a model to ask about what makeup to wear. Many photographers will ask for a clean face, while others just want base makeup only. The key here is to simply ask, the better prepared a model is, the more successful the outcome of the photo shoot.

When it is time for the model to get in front of the camera, communication is even more crucial. If you are working with a new photographer, a model should make sure they have the touch vs. what not to touch conversation before the shoot starts. In addition, it is important for any model to have high energy in front of the camera (again, this is important when it comes to the good night’s sleep tip) and this can be difficult when crowds form and a model may be intimidated. It is important to take breaks and communicate what makes you comfortable and what does not.

After the shoot, while most models who are new to the industry want to ask the photographer about future work, it is important to keep this conversation to a minimum. The photographer is going to be focused on cleaning up, packing up and the model should be as well. Finally yet importantly, while an aspiring model will want to ask the number one question, “When will the photos be available?” it is better to ask when the photographer is available to meet to look at them and ask for a critique. This will not only help a model’s career, but also help with an ongoing relationship with the photographer.