By Keep It Cleaner
@stephclairesmith + @laura.henshaw

We wanted to share these images with you to get across a message we are both really passionate about in regards to body image. It is so important not get caught up in aspiring to achieve a body type based on an image from social media or online.

These images are both taken within 30 seconds of one another however in one image we look a completely different size to the other. In the first image we are standing with our legs pushed together with poor posture, and the second we have both separated our legs, fixed our postures and pushed our hips back and to one side- making us appear a lot fitter/more toned/skinnier than the other.

This is a perfect example of why you should never ever set goals for yourself based on an image you see on Instagram because this will only set you up for failure and will negatively affect your self confidence. We haven’t edited the photos above but in most cases a lot of the images you see on social media are actually edited just like magazine photos are edited to make people look skinnier and fitter and appear more ‘perfect.’ The most dangerous thing you can do for yourself and your self esteem is to aim for things that are literally impossible to achieve as they are not actually real.steph claire smith, keep it cleaner

People are always going to post a picture that is the most flattering angle of themselves and there is nothing wrong with this. We all do it. Just keep this in mind when you are scrolling through your social media.

The reality is you cannot achieve a photoshopped body type- this does not exist.

And remember in year seven Science when you learnt about genetics? Yes genetics are a thing and they make a HUGE impact on your body shape. Some girls have naturally small waists, small bums, big bums, love handles, no curves, curves, long legs, short legs…the list goes on forever. The reality is some body shapes are simply not achievable for some body types. For example Laura has naturally skinny legs but naturally puts on weight around her waist before anywhere else. Steph has a naturally small waist and strong core but naturally puts on weight on her legs. And the thing is we have both come to the point where we are completely ok with this because this is how we are genetically made up.

If you follow ‘fitspo’ and healthy living accounts and it means that on the days you may not be motivated to exercise, scrolling through and finding a motivational quote or a workout idea gets you off the couch and to the gym then social media is a great tool for you. Healthy inspirational accounts can be great if they mean by following them you are motivated to exercise more or eat healthier. Where it gets dangerous is when you start working out to solely look like an ‘Instagram’ fitspo photo instead of exercising for your health. Setting goals to look like photos of girls that have most likely been photo-shopped and also have different genetics to you can be really dangerous for your self-confidence. It is impossible to achieve a photo-shopped body. Work out to be the best version of YOU.steph claire smith, keep it cleaner

Let social media motivate you to get to the gym but once you are there focus on yourself and only yourself and being the best you

Loving your body is so important.

Next time you see yourself in the reflection we want all of you to ask yourselves two questions:

1) Are you fit and healthy?

2) Are you happy?

The thing is at the end of the day these three things are all that matters. Instead of focusing on the things that you don’t like about your body start focusing on the things you love. Find three things and say them to yourself every day until you no longer need to talk yourself out of body shaming because you are happy enough in your own skin to know you look pretty damn good and the only person’s opinion who should matter is your own.

Most importantly remember:

“Real Beauty comes from the Inside”steph claire smith, keep it cleaner