By Gabby Neal

Miranda Kerr is one of the most iconic Australian models to date. Winning the inaugural Dolly Magazine Model Search back in 1997, Miranda went on to secure the first Australian legs and boobs to ever walk the inspiring, jaw dropping and somewhat gut wrenching Victoria Secret Fashion Show in 2007.

(Coincidently the 2017 show just wrapped filming a few days ago, ready to air within the coming weeks)

One thing for certain though, is that Miranda is one hot model mumma’ and there’s no doubt that anyone would kill to look like her at the age 34 (and married to a billionaire of course).

And surprise, surprise it just so happens that good ol’ Randy has decided to spill the beans. Letting us in on her diet and exercise routines, tips, tricks, beliefs and execution just in time for summer.

‘I eat foods in their most natural state. I do believe in moderation though and try to live by the 80% fresh and healthy, 20% indulgence rule” …It doesn’t sound too hard right?

model diet
model diet

Well, supposedly, her “favourite” thing to drink every morning is a glass of hot water with lemon, alongside a smoothie made up with a colourful concoction of fruit, vegetables and other ingredients such as almond butter, spinach and of course, her Kora Organics Skin Food supplements.

Like so many other VS models before (and after) her, a hearty meal full of protein for lunch and dinner is always followed – think lots of salmon and chicken.

As for her exercise routine, well she doesn’t share too much of the specifics but does rattle off a few things that the everyday joe (you and me) can easily coordinate and fit into the day.

“As for exercise, I start the day with at least 20-30 minutes of exercise…I like yoga, Pilates, swimming, resistance training, skipping and walking our dog, Teddy”.

With a big emphasis on doing ‘exercise you really enjoy” (because duh – no one likes a negative nancy in the class) as it “helps [you] feel energised and grounded, really ready for [the] day’.

Obviously we’re more than certain at the height of her career there were other various intense workout and meal plans put in place *cough cough…the Victoria Secret Fashion Show shred.. but I’m pretty ok with using this as a starting point.

It’s only onwards and upwards from here and who knows, I might just look like Miranda at 34. model diet