By Calynn M. Lawrence

If you haven’t heard of her, we’d be floored! She’s one of the top selling Disney Channel stars in all history, multiple award winning actress and singer song writer, daughter of country legend Billy Ray, and now a funky fashion icon. Who is she? She’s Miley Cyrus! No doubt we’ve all seen her transform over the years. This article is going to give you a  visual as to how she has shifted in style.

2007miley cyrus style

In the image above you see young Miley Cyrus as a teen looking like a sweet southern belle in her velvet knee boots and jeans. This was a large part of her signature look at the time, sweet and southern inspired. She was known for glittery bright tops, dull wash pants and of course her cozy boots!

2009miley cyrus style guide

Here the coming of age Miley is rocking something a little bit less sweet and a heck of a lot more sassy! She kept the sparkle and lost the hemline. As you see her skirt is snugged at the upper thigh with chunky metallic jewelry and sleeveless tank. Many saw that Miley was certainly beginning to detach from her good girl “Hannah Montana” persona during these years.

2010miley cyrus style

Well, she’s done it! From tween top sensation to leather and lace biker stud. During 2010, the singer moved on to a new bracket of life. She was officially done with her Disney Channel show and now a legal adult! After releasing her hit album, “Can’t Be Tamed” announcing her new found freedom as a young adult and her detachment from her kiddie character, she made it known through her appearance that she was no longer hiding behind a blonde wig and script!

2012miley cyrus style guide

Channeling some Marilyn Monroe vibes, Miley Cyrus looked absolutely beautiful adorned in her old hollywood glam. Phasing out of her hard core rebel streak, she showed us a classy yet cool grown woman. The short blonde ‘do with sparkling eyes, bold red lip and long lashes coordinately flawlessly with the shiney silver gown.

2013miley cyrus style

You knew it wouldn’t last long before Cyrus slid back into her old ways. Except this time, with a twist! Her “opp to society” act was back in play, except this time she was no rock princess. She was a hip hop home girl? Releasing her platinum album “Bangerz” which was self described as “dirty south hip hop,” she ventured into much more urban territory, rocking grills for a smile, chopping off her mane and trading in the two step for twerking.

2016miley cyrus style

Here we are in 2016, the singer is often spotted dressed casually comfortable. After going through so many levels of extreme fashion choices, she has finally slowed it down and retired her bold statements to relaxed ensembles for the moment. But, who knows what 2017 will bring!