When people are paying you to be beautiful, you have to come up with some way of separating the professionally pretty girls from the truly pretty girls – because not all models are pretty. Some are downright ugly. You know what I mean – those girls that turn it on for the camera, but the minute the lights go cold, they make your stomach turn quicker than a pair of cheap heels.

They don’t look good and they sure as hell don’t feel good.

I try to stay away from these girls as much as possible; because their ugliness is contagious.

What makes them ugly? Most of the time, it’s how they treat people. These diva/devils seem to get all of their power from making other people feel bad.

“What do you mean you don’t have Perrier at the shoot?”

And don’t let it be the wrong temperature.. These ugly girls will let you know what you’ve done wrong, how much you have inconvenienced them, and why you are not worthy to be in their presence. They make everyone around them dislike them- including the photographer and creatives responsible for making them look beautiful.

See, someone who is beautiful, makes people want to be around them. That’s why models get paid the big bucks – because people want to look at them. The everyday person dreams about being in their presence. They want to absorb some of that beauty.

This is because beauty is like an energy. It is something that is given off in a way that other people can recognize. Modeling is a job because professional models know how to turn on that switch to make people believe they are ‘beautiful’.

When a model is actually beautiful, it isn’t that hard to do in front of the camera. When it’s natural, the energy seems to ooze out of every part of her body. But when that beauty is learned, or imitated, girls have to work to portray it. That’s why even the most conventionally beautiful girls are able to deliver some tragic looking shoots. They are actually ugly inside, and the camera doesn’t hide it.

For this reason, it is easy for the truly beautiful girls to be successful; they don’t have to work as hard to be a sexy bitch. Pretending to be beautiful is draining, and even with large amounts of editing and makeup it doesn’t get easier.

It also helps when the people responsible for making a model look beautiful actually thinks she is.