By Rebecca Siggers

Plump breasts, flat stomach, small waist and a firm butt – things desired by almost all women. While few are genetically blessed with what some describe as an ideal figure, others have to work hard to achieve. However for those who are unable to make such a commitment towards achieving said body, because of time restraints or any other reason, I’ve listed a few helpful hints to get you there without starving or sweating at the gym.

Here we have 6 tricks you can follow to make your waist appear smaller

High Rise Bottoms

This retro look has been back with us since some time now. High waisted denims, pants, skirts, shorts look incredibly stylish. This have the perfect ability to make your waist look tiny. You can tuck in your top or wear a crop top- the look will look great.

High rise also looks very smart and can be worn in both formal and informal occasions.


You can hardly go wrong with layers. Put on a jacket, a cape or a shirt over your top to hide your love handles. You can wear a printed layer over your plain tee or vice- versa. There’s a lot of scope to mix and match here so you can let your creative side come out.

Layering can be done in all seasons as you can pick the suitable fabric according to the temperature.

Wear A Corset

Corsets are a piece of clothing you can wear both over and under your clothes. When they are worn under, they are called waist trainers which are particularly worn to cinch in your waist and improve your posture. When worn over clothes, not only your waist looks smaller but your outfit also looks stylish. Corsets look extremely fashionable and edgy.

You can get them in various materials and fabrics like velvet, steel- boned, satin, lace, mesh, cotton, leather, brocade.

Colour Block Dresses

These dresses have panels printed on them to create the illusion of a thinner frame. For an appearance of a smaller waist, go for a dress which has black or a dark colour side panels and the remaining dress is of a lighter shade.

The best part is that these dresses are in style and you can feel great about your body too.

Go Black

The most popular technique- wear black. It is the most fashionable colour you can wear and easily hide all body flaws, not just the width of your waist. You can go for an all- black outfit for the best effect. It will take away every possible focus which can go on your waist and just focus on the overall outfit.

Trust black on this.

Wrap Dresses

Wrap dresses or robe dresses are ideal for not only showing off a smaller waist but also a smaller frame. These wrap around the body perfectly, contouring your frame but also hiding away the width of your waist. You can get them in different colours and prints. The V- neck of the dress creates a sensual neckline, exposing just enough skin.

Go on, try these.