Napoleon Perdis.

A major Australian contender within the beauty industry since first opening his flagship store in 1995 on Sydney’s Oxford Street, Napoleon perdis and his make up have grown to be a leading influence.


Testament to this are the numerous outstanding awards received such as the Genuis Award from US ELLE Magazine and an International Achievement Award from the Fashion Group International.

Napoleon Perdis has fast become a label of status and significance, appearing as a regular backstage at copious fashion shows around the globe.



It’s hard to miss that trademark colour palette in the editorial work across magazines and television. Where the bright, vivid and energetic colours have been used to influence and communicate the forthcoming trends.


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However driven by fashion, Napoleon Perdis is initially all about runway, reality and female empowerment. Where their sophisticated products and professional tools are creatively designed to enhance the individuals’ natural beauty.


Napoleon Perdis is a tight family, where the creative and influential knowledge is passed down through educating aspiring artists and enthusiastic individuals via workshops and courses. Since opening several academies within Australia and one in Hollywood, Napoleon Perdis and his team have trained over 24,000 students. Translating the directional to the doable.



Instagram: @napoleonperdis

Napoleon Perdis