Show Off Your Navel This Season

There are trends that we are happy to see coming back and others that we secretly pray will remain a thing of the past.

Low waist wide leg pants are making their official comeback in fall 2022. Indeed, many early 2000s trends are returning this season, both in fashion, and beauty as well as in music, and unfortunately, we have not escaped that of low-rise jeans.

We also hope that the trend once associated with low-rise jeans, namely the strings of g-strings that protrude on each side, will not return too. What a nightmare that would be!

More and more stars are revealing their navels:

What confirms to us above all that the fashion for low-waist jeans will be more and more present this fall is not only their marked presence in recent parades but above all the numerous appearances of stars sporting pants with a waist below the navel. Indeed, we could recently see the hit girls with their bellies in the air while wearing low-waisted denim.

A trend not as innocent as it looks:

It all seems comical, light, and superficial… That we couldn’t explain why, but reading about this return and remembering these memories gave me a little unpleasant twinge in my heart. We are not the only ones: low-rise jeans are a bit of an emblem of a really tough time in terms of self-image and social pressure.

We must remember how different the prevailing discourse was 20 years ago, from the point of view of body image and the vision of women conveyed in the media. It’s simple: exactly when low-rise jeans were everywhere, you had to be as skinny as possible. There were almost no exceptions.

For example, J. Lo was 100% out of the mold at each of her public appearances, the fact that she was curvy, and rounder, and that she had “shapes” was put forward as if it were revolutionary. As for real plus-size people, they were simply ridiculed, insulted, and dehumanized in public and most people took it for granted.

The return of low-rise or low-waist jeans:

Incredible but true, swirl printed pants are back among the collections of the greatest jeans. This trend may not be unanimous but will delight the most nostalgic of the 90s.

An essential piece of the 90s, low-waisted jeans were at that time an essential piece of our dressing rooms, our favorite pants, without which it was impossible to go out. We have swapped it for a few years for cuts with more high-waisted profiles that highlight the silhouette and offer comfort in all conditions. Since we tasted the comfort of medium or high-waisted jeans, it’s hard to imagine wearing a low waist again.

But you know it, fashion is an eternal beginning and whether you like it or not, the low waist jeans are back and have not said their last word! The biggest fashion houses and solado are bringing this trend up to date.


Low-waisted jeans are often remembered as ostentatious and tasteless (not to say vulgar) jeans that revealed thongs and navels of all kinds. This cut had indeed a bad reputation and an annoying tendency to go down and reveal your underwear. But think again! This well-chosen piece with a retro look can be associated with many ultra-trendy styles and will flatter your look. And then if you still fear that your colleagues can see your panties despite a well-chosen cut: opt for a bodysuit and there you have it!

For which morphologies?

There remains a question that we ask ourselves since the reappearance of this trend: is this cut suitable for all morphologies? Well contrary to popular belief: YES! And all the brands are starting it.

Nevertheless, we prefer to point out that this cut particularly highlights the H silhouettes which have a weak waist, or those in V whose upper body is wider than the bottom.

So how do you choose the right low-rise jeans? The cut concentrates the eye on the hips so choose a straight or flare cut for those who wish to hide any love handles. If you prefer slim cuts, roll up the bottom for a slender leg and thus divert the gaze from your hips.

These morpho tips are not rules and everyone should feel free to wear low-rise jeans or another cut if they wish, the most important thing being to feel comfortable in them!

How to wear it well, without missing it:

Wiser than its predecessor and because we no longer want to look like the Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera of the 2000s, high-waisted jeans are associated this time with more chic tops. We avoid everything that is crop top and we put on beautiful blouses, shirts, oversized sweaters, or t-shirts with messages. Combine the set with a blazer or a small jacket and here is a trendy look with low-rise jeans.

Accessorize your jeans! Even if this trend comes back, let’s highlight it! Add to your look a thin belt or a small cord to maximize your style while preventing it from falling too low.

The 2022 low-rise jeans also seem to fit a wider variety of silhouettes. And even if there is still a long way to go, the public space is still more inclusive for all those who wish to wear this type of clothing.

So, should we draw a line under our high-waisted jeans? Surely not! Give yourself the choice to wear what you like and especially clothes in which you feel best.

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