By Addie Davison

More than for vanity’s sake, dried, cracked and chapped lips can make you feel uncomfortable throughout the day.  And If you get irritated enough, you may even end up biting on your lips. Leaving it bruised and swollen and even more uncomfortable.

Read and try out some of the tips below to make sure you get soft, supple and lovely lips whether it’s spring, summer, winter or fall!

Why the skin on your lips need special care and attention

Your lips are very thin and delicate compared to skin elsewhere on your face, with the exception of your eye area. So while normally your skin has a protective layer covering itself, it is almost absent or at least very thin, on your lips. Leaving your skin vulnerable to damage caused by environmental stressors.

In addition, the sebaceous glands, which produce sebum or natural body oil, which are normally present beneath the epidermis, the top outermost layer of your skin, are also absent.  Leaving saliva to be the only source of moisture for your lips.  In fact, the more you wet it with saliva, the more your lips dry out.

This is why a simple change in the weather or temperature can easily dry out and damage your lips.

Lip care tips for the changing seasons

Spring / Summer Lip Care

The hot, humid summer weather can leave your lips dry and cracked.  You need an extra hydrating lip balm to protect your lips from the heat.  Make sure your lip balm has SPF too to shield it from the scorching heat of the sun and the damaging UV rays.

Keep your lips hydrated with balms that contain petroleum jelly which not only keep lips from drying out but also leaves it softer and smoother.  If you prefer a petrol-free balm, look for balms that contain essential oils instead.

Autumn / Winter Lip Care

This season can spell extremely chilly and dry conditions for your skin.  At this time of the year, deep moisturization is a must.  Choose ingredients that are non-greasy so that they are not left out of your lips to dry and solidify.  Go for deep penetrating ingredients that instantly moisture your skin on contact.

If you can’t find a product that you’re comfortable with, try making your own lip balm by mixing together in a bowl, four of the most hydrating natural ingredient easily accessible — beeswax, cocoa butter, virgin coconut oil and honey.  Melt the beeswax in a small pot.  While still warm, mix with the rest of the ingredients.  Filter, transfer to a jar or lip balm container, then leave the mixture to dry.  If you prefer, you may also add mint to relieve inflammation due to windburn and chapped lips.

Regardless of the time of the year, it pays to give your lips the attention that they deserve.  Practice healthy lip care habits every day and you’ll never have to put up with lackluster lips in any season. Exfoliate your lips regularly to get the dead cells off, and stimulate younger skin from within to surface and replace it.  SPF-protect your lips to prevent the sun and the heat from sucking out the little moisture that your thin skin manages to capture and hold.  Drink plenty of fluids throughout the day because what you do to your body, you also do to your skin. Doing the right things everyday saves you the hassle of finding a remedy when the damage has already been done.