In today’s digital age, social media has become a powerful content creation tool for models to scale up their modeling careers. While there was a time when social media apps had no influence over the industry, today – it matters a lot! Many top companies use apps like Instagram to find models who can be authentic representatives of their brands. 

Besides, it’s a great way models can gain wider recognition and make more money through their online presence. In turn, the models with higher social followings have the strongest influence in the fashion world. 

Do Followers Matter to New Models? Why?

If you’ve just entered the glamor world, your social media following can have a significant impact on whether or how many brand deals you get. Let’s say a client has to choose between two models; the job will probably be taken by the one with the highest following and the biggest social media presence

Now, social media presence entails a lot of things, from the number of likes and comments on your posts to how many people found your content useful and shared it with others. Simply put, if you can influence people from your work and lifestyle, you’ve won the game. 

So, this way Instagram has become an extension of portfolios. 

How Can Models Grow Their Social Media Following? 

So, what’s the easiest and quickest way to grow your social media presence? Well, here’s what top models and some of the biggest social media influencers advise: 

Post Regularly & Stay Relevant

Posting regularly and that, too, relevant stuff that might be able to relate to or love watching can really be the game changer. For instance, you can create posts like ‘a day in my life’ or ‘skincare routines’. 

Posting such content not only allows you to share your journey but inspires people, as well. These kinds of posts are likely to go viral and get you tons of likes and comments. Besides, don’t forget to be yourself and show the world your ‘true’ self. Nothing is more attractive than originality. 


Connect with brands and people that you think can be helpful in growing your social media presence. Again, if you’re in the initial years of your career, don’t wait for big brands to reach you and give you deals. Rather, work on your personal profile and pitch brands (even not so big ones) to get started. When you collaborate with such brands, people notice you, and other brands notice you, and that automatically increases your followers’ list. What also matters here is the engagement on your posts. 

The higher the engagement, more people are likely to spot your account and follow you. Thus, you should also collaborate with companies who help you get more likes and followers. For instance, Famoid for Instagram Likes is quite popular among the community of social media influencers. These companies also help you get more followers in exchange for a little investment which you can easily cover with your sponsored deals and collaborations. 

How Vital Is Instagram to Model’s Success Today?

If you’re a model juggling to get recognition in the fashion world, you could leverage social media, especially Instagram, for your benefit. Today, apps like Instagram and TikTok allow a client to see different layers of potential models and influencers. They look for their social media personality, candid shots with their friends, their interests, and lifestyle. 

They look at how appealing or influencing a model’s personal branding is to see if they can be the perfect fit for the client’s brand. Thus, it’s imperative that you have an optimized account with the perfect bio, appealing feed, and an authentic vibe that sets you apart from others. 

Businesses are leveraging social media as an important tool in their scouting process. This is because it gives them instant access to millions of profiles, both men and women. They get an idea about the models’ personalities, what they are all about, what their ‘personal brand’ is and how agencies can take advantage of it for their benefit.

Thus, models should optimize their social media accounts to attract the right people and get wider recognition.