By Gabby Neal

A successful model in their lifetime, will meet a thousand, million different people. All from various walks of life, backgrounds, ages and locations. From the agent who scouted them, to their first photographer or favourite make-up artist; and as consequence you’ll find that most models are really quite malleable in terms of their surroundings and attitudes.

It’s probably one of the biggest benefits that a career in modelling can provide – the purposeful and useful life skill of easily adapting to new environments and willingness to meet new people. And although some may argue it happens too quickly (due to the young age at which most models enter their career) it’s still a life lesson that can only be credited to the day-to-day travelling and chaotic scheduling of modelling.

For without it, you’ll find it can limit ones overall career and opportunities within.

From an agents’ perspective, there’s nothing more rewarding than hearing positive feedback surrounding a model and their behaviour following a shoot. It instils confidence within them that the model can handle such responsibility and represent the agency with such professionalism. More often than not, encouraging the client to rebook the model and potentially lead to them starring in an upcoming campaign.

There’s been circumstances before where a models attitude has affected the entire crew on set that much, that they’ve actually had to call the agency and dump the model on the spot. Being too needy and demanding can really affect your success and rub shoulders the wrong way. I mean it might be an early call time, and even though you might not be in the mood, there’s no need to be rude. Same goes with food and coffee, if you’re on a diet and are only eating certain foods, then pack your lunch the night before or even offer to do the food run yourself so as to avoid any hassle.

You hear of stories on set with top models running late and holding up production and even though their name might mean they get away with it, being such high maintenance usually ends in distaste and the spreading of unruly chatter within the industry. Especially if you’re just starting out are or a model of no status, then your career could really be in jeopardy.

And it’s the same for bloggers and influencers too, literally anyone in any career. If you can hold yourself and chat freely with a client, they’re going to remember. Meaning a better rep for you and more often than not, future work opportunities, over your competitor.

It might be simple for some, but for others, it’s the simple things like being prepared and being on time, prepping the night before if you’ve got an early call time, offering to get everyone’s coffee’s and most importantly, mingling with others on set.

Pretty much anything you can do to encourage a happy and comfortable work environment, especially as a model, will give you a leg up over the rest.