The fashion industry looks glamorous and glitzy from the outside, but the reality is far different once you enter the world. Countless young men and women come across the truth sooner than later because working as a model is fraught with challenges. The constant pressure to look good, social media trolls, tight timelines, and fear of rejection make a perfect recipe for burnout. Not surprisingly, fresh models and seasoned icons are prone to nervous breakdowns.

Mental illnesses such as anxiety, insomnia, and depression are common among professionals working in the fashion industry. Even the most successful people fade out because they fail to deal with the stress. However, an equal number of models learn to cope with it and achieve success despite the challenges they encounter. Let us share some therapist-recommended tips that fashion models can embrace to learn to live with celeb anxiety.

Avoid overdoing the basics

Although fashion models watch what they eat and exercise to stay fit, these basics are not enough. In fact, there is always a risk of overdoing things due to the constant pressure to lose weight and look good. You may want to starve yourself or overdo things in the gym. But being too harsh with the basics can have dire implications for your mental well-being. Steer clear of overdoing them, and follow an expert dietician and fitness trainer to become the healthiest version of yourself. Also, avoid trying every fad diet and quick-fix fitness trend that comes to the market because they may do more harm than good.

Master work-life balance

Modeling is perhaps the trickiest profession when it comes to the work-life balance, which sounds surprising to someone new in the industry. But you will realize the challenges of being there once you dive in. You may have to work for endless hours, travel constantly, and lose sleep during fashion shows and photo shoots. But mastering the work-life balance can keep celeb anxiety at bay. Take a break when your body and mind need one. Learn to say no to projects and assignments, even when they feel exciting. Nothing matters more than your health and sleep, so be ready to give up things to reclaim them.

Know your worth

Knowing your worth can help you stay afloat in an industry full of people looking to pull people down. You may come across countless negative people, from fellow models, photographers, event organizers, and clients. But letting their negativity affect you is the worst you can do for yourself. Feed your self-confidence and self-esteem with positive thinking and daily affirmations. Maintain distance from people who do not give you the respect you deserve. Also, do not let external opinions affect your relationship with yourself. The right mindset makes you a stronger person, so go for it!

Embrace mental self-care with cannabis

Besides working on your body and self-worth, be ready to go the extra mile with mental self-care. Models have a taxing career, but they often fail to recognize the need to maintain their emotional health. Even worse, it is easy to fall prey to pill addiction with a regular intake of anxiety medication. Fortunately, cannabis can be your savior to regain your mental well-being naturally. Research studies establish its efficacy in relieving chronic pain, stress, and sleep issues. The best part is that cannabis is legal in many American states, so buying it is no longer a problem. You can easily get your supplies from miami dispensaries because Florida allows the use of medical cannabis. But remember to get the doctor’s order and a medical marijuana card to buy your stash without hassles. Check the state-specific rules to shop legally.

Make meditation a way of life

While using cannabis as a mental wellness aid keeps you ahead of celeb anxiety, you can move a step forward by making meditation a way of life. The practice keeps stress and negative feelings at bay by decluttering your mind. Invest in a daily purge by setting aside half an hour in the morning for a deep breathing session. Meditating every time anxiety hits during the day keeps you sane, no matter how hard things get. You can even plan a weekend vacation at a meditation resort or outdoor location every couple of months to reset your mental health.

Seek support

Remember that you are not alone because every professional in the industry faces celeb anxiety. Even the most successful models experience it because modeling has a limited timeline. Seeking support from people around you is the best way to handle stress. Your peers are the best people to lend a hand to because they identify with you. Look for a helping hand at home, from your partner, family, and friends. You may even consider seeing a therapist if the inner demons seem to get on your nerves. A little help can help you beat the woes and feel good about your life and profession.

Get a regular digital detox

Fame comes with a price tag, and it is bigger than ever in the era of social media when people can access celeb lives from up close. You may have a fair share of fans but beware of cyberbullies trying to push you off the edge. Regular digital detox is the best way to avoid such energy suckers. Commit to switching your devices off an hour before bedtime, and get a complete purge for one weekend every month. Let your manager or a family member handle your social media accounts to avoid direct interactions with people.

Modeling is a dream career, but life is seldom easy for men and women living a glamorous life. You will realize it sooner than later on diving in. But doing your bit to address celeb anxiety can help you maintain your sanity and health over the years. Luckily, optimal self-care covers you on the front, but you may do a bit more to keep things in control. You can rely on these tips to handle anxiety effectively and give your best to your profession.