By Brandis Ohlsson

Kim Kardashian managed to break the Internet again during Paris Fashion Week when she debuted her newly bleached blonde locks. I am not sure if it’s the hair that shocked people, or if the world is so enamored by Kim Kardashian that she could sneeze and it would make the worldwide news.

The majority of the public seems to fall in one of two camps in regards to Kim Kardashian- Team Kim, or Team Hate Kim. I don’t swing too far either way. Does it get old seeing her everywhere ALL the time? Sure, but it’s not really bothering me too much. What is irking is anyone who would go as far as to call her fashionable, knowing full well there is a team of people employed to keep her looking that way, but I digress; we’re all aware of Kim Kardashian, but the question is, why is she the way she is? Why does Kim feel the need to shock people? Obviously Kim and I aren’t buddies, I don’t know her personally so I can’t honestly answer this question. But if you want my opinion- she’s an amazing marketer.


Who doesn’t remember Kim’s 2015 T Mobile Super bowl Commercial, where she poked fun at herself and her seemingly obsession with selfies; anyone who really takes themselves that seriously would have never agreed to be a part of a commercial like that. I think that Kim “shocks” us week in and week out because she knows that by wearing a crazy outfit, or dying her hair- she’s going to make news. And when she makes news, she makes money in way of endorsement deals and whatnot. How many people out there wouldn’t wear a crazy outfit if it meant that it would end up making them thousands of dollars? I sure would. Hell, I’d shave my head if it meant I could make even just a month’s worth of Kim Kardashian’s salary. But no one would see, or care, and I’d just be that lady with the unfortunate haircut.

I am forever seeing, under posts of something Kim has worn or done, comments from users pleading, “Stop! No one cares!” “Can’t she just go away?” “This woman is pointless” etc etc. How are they not realizing that just by commenting, even in a negative way, they are one of the millions of cogs that keep the Kim Kardashian wheel turning?

Love her or hate her- the girl knows how to keep people talking, and make a dollar. Can’t hate on that.