By Steph Claire Smith – Keep It Cleaner

I get a lot of questions about how I exercise or how I keep to my diet routine when I’m traveling constantly, so I decided to write about it.


When I’m flying interstate I am usually up and back within the day, so it’s usually a very early flight out. Instead of letting myself go hungry whilst surrounded by fast food at the airport, I generally make myself a brekkie to go the night before and take it with me to eat on the plane. These are usually something sweet, like our up’n go chia puddings that are in the recipes section this month, or a premade frozen acai (much like the one in our ebook) that I’ve left in the freezer all night… these are awesome because usually by the time I get on the plane it’s softened perfectly into an ice cream texture.

For lunch I’ll just chose the healthiest option available (if I haven’t brought something myself) I’ll usually opt for sushi or a chicken salad. Traveling overseas is a little different because you’re stuck in the airport and airplane for a lot longer. On most international flights you can ask for pieces of fruit, they usually have things like bananas and apples. I will usually pick at the main meals they serve, only eating the good stuff (although even the stuff you think is healthy generally isn’t on a plane) and just eat a lot of fruit to keep myself full. It’s a good idea to pack your own snacks in your carry on as well, things like nuts or organic low sodium/sugar popcorn, because the chips and nuts on planes are covered in oils and salt. Whilst overseas it’s hard sometimes to eat in, because I don’t always have a kitchen where I am staying, so I just do my best to find nearby restaurants with healthy options.keep it cleaner


When I’m overseas or interstate for work, I like to make sure that I am still staying active. When my accommodation does not have a gym, I still make the most of the space I have by doing certain floor routines in my room. A perfect example of a core routine would be our workout this month with brig on the ‘lean’ page. Other movements I do in a small space are lunges, squats, wall sits etc. If the weathers good where I am, I go for long walks or runs. Thats one way to keep exercising overseas interesting, because you’re discovering a new city at the same time as getting your heart rate up.

Really It’s just about keeping your head in the game. I remind myself that I may be away from home, but that doesn’t mean I should stop looking after myself and break my routine. If you take too much time off of a diet or exercise routine, it can be hard to get back on track, so I try to not let it happen.

With all of that said… if I am away on a short holiday, I still stay reasonably healthy (because I’m happier that way) but I do definitely still let myself relax and enjoy it. So I’d probably work out 3 times in the week rather than 5-6, and treat myself a little more often then when I’m at home. I just remind myself that when I’m back home, I’m back to routine, and I don’t let myself feel guilty for the break.

keep it cleaner
keep it cleaner