By Simi Afroza Mira

We all know the name Kate Moss. Yes, she is a model, but the name now has gone above and beyond (dare I say) “just a model”. A beautiful, rebellious model turned successful designer, a mother and a business woman. Moss has achieved something that even the most ambitious and driven models today can only dream of. She has been socially and industry relevant for the past three decades. She has evolved from it-girl model to From defining styles and launching trends.

Being a Croydon girl, she emerged in the fashion world out of the blue, and completely changed it, forever. We watched her soar past the stars of the fashion industry to then walk down the dangerous yet predictable drug filled path. Whether the scandal can be explained by emotional turmoil or poor influences not many expected her to bounce back. Yet as the greats always do, she exceed our expectations once again with an unpredictable come back.. “Come-back Kate” (as the media love to label her) has gone straight back to the top, high up on her pedestal, where she so rightly reigns as one of the queens of the modelling world.

She has famously said, she wants to live life and not just survive it. While survival in the modelling industry is only spared for a special few, I feel it is safe to say that not only is Kate Moss surviving, she is thriving. Working for some of the most famous brands in the world, from Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein, Chanel, and Bvlgari, just to name a few, and at one point earning more than £12 million a year (18 million USD & 25 million AUD) , she is one of the highest paid models in the fashion industry. With that income, we can only assume that she is living life and not just surviving.

Now, in her forties, she has made a very successful line of hand bags for Longchamp and an interesting and vivacious clothes fashion line for Topshop. Her drive and ability to market herself are as poised as ever. The wild life that she once led has physically taken its toll on her appearance. Even though her skin may not be what it used to, nor is her figure as tight as it once was she still manages to look radiant, beautiful and effing sexy. Need proof? The photo-shoot she did with Playboy says it all.

Kate Moss is a mother, a designer, a model and a timeless fashion icon. And she isn’t going anywhere just yet.