Croatia is home to some of the most Instagram-worthy islands in the Mediterranean. It has gorgeous beaches with crystal-clear waters, historic cities, picturesque islands, and ancient towns. Some destinations exude a historical charm, while others boast natural beauty and stunning landscapes that captivate Instagrammers.

Here are the most Instagrammable Croatian islands.


Korcula is one of Croatia’s most picturesque islands and an Instagrammer’s paradise. You will find many incredible places around the island to show off on your Instagram feed. Known as the birthplace of Marco Polo, it captivates Instagrammers with its medieval architecture, crystal-clear waters, and lush landscapes.

With your camera on hand, start your journey in Korcula Town. Often referred to as “Little Dubrovnik,” you’ll love taking photos of its well-preserved medieval walls, narrow cobblestone streets, and charming stone buildings. Don’t miss the Cathedral of St. Mark, with its striking Gothic-Renaissance design and panoramic views from the bell tower.

For nature lovers, the Pupnatska Luka Beach is a must-visit. It’s a secluded spot with turquoise waters, surrounded by lush greenery that will look stunning in photos. Similarly, Lumbarda offers scenic vineyards and sandy beaches, ideal for capturing the island’s diverse landscape.

The Marco Polo Museum is another place worth a spot on your Instagram feed. It is where you can learn about the famous explorer’s life and the island’s rich history.

To capture the most breathtaking sunset views, venture into Mount Hum. It’s a place worthy of a hike for its panoramic vistas of the island and the Adriatic Sea, perfect for those fond of golden-hour photography.


Brac is one of Croatia’s most captivating islands and home to many Instagrammable locations. Known for its stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and picturesque villages, it is a paradise for photo enthusiasts.

The highlight of your visit is capturing the unique beauty of Zlatni Rat Beach in Bol. Considered one of the Adriatic’s most iconic beaches, it is known for its unique sandbar that extends into the turquoise sea, creating a striking and ever-changing landscape – guaranteed to make your Instagram stand out!

For a touch of history and architecture, visit Blaca Hermitage, an ancient monastery perched on a cliffside. The hike to this secluded spot is an experience in itself! You will find plenty of panoramic views to capture along the way, and the sense of tranquillity makes for compelling shots.

Venture into the Vidova Gora peak, the highest point in the Adriatic. From above, capture breathtaking panoramic views of Brac and its neighbouring islands. You can capture even more stunning shots when you come here at sunset or sunrise.

In the charming village of Supetar, you’ll find its quaint streets, traditional stone houses, and lovely waterfront Instagram-worthy. For unique photographic opportunities, check out the Supetar Cemetery, notable for its intricate sculptures and serene atmosphere.


As one of Croatia’s most glamorous islands, it’s easy to see why you’ll find Hvar in the Instagram feeds of some of the world’s top influencers. Its sophisticated allure and vibrant nightlife scene have made it a favourite spot among celebrities and jetsetters.

Hvar Town alone has plenty of stunning places to fill your Instagram feed. Here, you will find the historic Fortica Fortress, from where you can enjoy panoramic views of the town, the Pakleni Islands, and the shimmering Adriatic Sea. Climbing to the fortress will reward you with stunning sunset shots and sweeping vistas, sure to captivate your followers!

Head to St. Stephen’s Square, the heart of Hvar Town, and capture the historic charm of this Renaissance cathedral. The square’s historic architecture and bustling cafes provide a vibrant and photogenic setting.

No visit to Hvar is complete without capturing its beautiful beaches. Dubovica Beach is a hidden gem. This secluded cove boasts crystal-clear waters and a serene and picturesque backdrop perfect for beach photography.

Consider booking luxury holiday packages in Croatia, a great way to see Hvar and other Croatian Islands. These packages often include accommodation in upscale resorts, private tours, and yacht charters.


As the greenest island in Croatia, Mljet is the place to be if you want to capture stunning natural scenery. Located in the southern Dalmatian archipelago, the enchanting island boasts lush forests, crystal-clear lakes, and unspoiled landscapes.

Spend the day capturing as many photos as possible at Mljet National Park, which covers the western part of the island. The park’s highlights include the Great Lake (Veliko Jezero) and the Small Lake (Malo Jezero). The serene lake waters and dense greenery create picturesque scenes that look more stunning at sunrise and sunset. Don’t miss the Benedictine Monastery on St. Mary’s Island in the Great Lake, which adds a historical and mystical charm to your Instagram feed.

If you want to capture a beautiful beach, head to Saplunara Beach. The sandy beach has turquoise waters and lush pine forests, with a tranquil and incredibly photogenic setting. The contrast between the white sand and the vibrant blue sea will look great on your Instagram feed.

Explore the village of Pomena and take photos of the traditional stone houses and the charming harbour that provides a quaint and picturesque backdrop.


Vis is another Croatian island that has become an Instagrammer’s paradise. It lures photography enthusiasts with its unspoiled beauty and charming villages. As the furthest inhabited island from the Croatian mainland, Vis boasts a tranquil and authentic atmosphere that will delight your Instagram followers.

Explore Vis Town, where you’ll find a picturesque harbour framed by traditional stone houses and vibrant fishing boats. Visit the waterfront promenade at sunset to capture the beautiful water reflections in a serene setting.

The Blue Cave on the nearby island of Bisevo is a must-visit spot for Instagrammers. Accessible by boat, the cave’s mesmerising blue glow, created by sunlight reflecting through the water, offers a magical and ethereal setting for photo ops.

Hike up to the Fort George for panoramic views. This historic fortress offers a glimpse into Vis’s military past and provides sweeping vistas of the island and the Adriatic Sea, perfect for capturing dramatic landscapes.

Visit the Green Cave on the island of Ravnik for another captivating natural wonder. The cave’s emerald light, caused by the sun filtering through an underwater opening, creates a mystical ambience perfect for photography.