Traveling with kids can be chaotic and exciting, but preparing adequately can help you feel less overwhelmed. Taking a vacation with kids doesn’t mean compromising style and comfort; instead, it can be an opportunity to subtly express your fashion sense without worrying about the next round of stains and dirt. 85% of parents have already planned to take vacations with their kids this year, and if you’re one, these key points will be helpful.

1. Choose practical shoes for you and your family

Wearing runway heels on a vacation with kids is usually not advisable. Rather, opt for loafers, slip-on flats, or stylish sneakers. Footwear you can easily slip on and off while going through airport security will be the best. With a little search, you will find easy shoes that combine fashion, comfort, and function for those crucial moments when you must be fast on your feet. Choose supportive sneakers for your young ones who, at some point, will be on their feet. Sticking with reliable brands that design stylish kids’ shoes is best. Once again, footwear coordination is another way to add a much-needed style element to your travel. The type of footwear you pack must match your vacation itinerary – for example, packing flip-flops or sandals will be a great addition if you plan for beach activities.

2. Be mindful of fabrics and stains

Fabrics like polyester and silk are not stain-resistant and are not an ideal choice when traveling with kids. Choose stain-resistant fabric and avoid the stress of desperately cleaning them while on the go. Clothing experts say synthetic materials blended with natural fibers are extremely stain-resistant and easy to wash without leaving any discoloration. You can wash the stained portion and not worry about any residue markings on the spot. Another thing to do is to pack a small stain-removing pen and wipes to ease the cleaning process.

Traveling and being extremely stain-conscious can mar the fun experiences you wish to create with your kids. Therefore, select prints and patterns that do an excellent job of camouflaging any stain on your clothes. Choose the same for your kids, as they are more prone to stains than adults. A better option is to have a change of clothes handy, especially for your kids. Those extra clothes will be lifesavers when you need to change your kids, but returning to the travel accommodation is not an immediate option.

3. Select comfortable yet chic outfits

Comfort is key when traveling with kids, but many parents sacrifice style for comfort. While that is not wrong per se, you may end up wearing clothing that does nothing for your fashion sense. You’ll be happy to know that chic and comfortable clothing for parents exists – it only takes a little internet search to find the right ones. Soft, breathable fabrics are ideal for you and the kids during your trip. It may not be the time or place to wear your favorite bodycon dress, especially when you must keep up with your active little kids. However, a stylish maxi dress or tunic paired with fitted denim pants screams stylish and comfortable. You can replace denim pants with stretchy leggings and a fashionable graphic t-shirt to ease movements without compromising style and comfort. Go further by coordinating colors or patterns with your kids’ clothing. If your partner or spouse is with you, let them be part of the fun. If you’re traveling to a much colder climate, consider wearing authentic women’s insulated bib overalls, with your kids wearing something similar. Coordinating travel attire makes great family photos while making you all look like celebrities so feel free to consider this.

4. Pack smart and light

Packing an entire closet of clothes for your kids when you travel is tempting, but you don’t have to. You can still pack light and have enough stylish and comfortable clothes for the entire travel. The key is packing smart. Mix versatile items like neutral-colored bottoms and mix-and-match tops. Don’t forget to pack layers for your outfits, as they will be used when the temperature drops. If you’re worried about creases, roll your clothes instead of folding them. Packing smart also involves choosing quick-drying fabrics to avoid any laundry inconveniences. It pays to avoid packing unnecessary items that take up luggage space. Pack light and smart and still have room for statement scarves, sunglasses, and so on.

Traveling in style with kids is possible; with the above tips, you can make it happen.