If you look good, you might as well feel good as well. Often when we’re healthy and happy, it shows, so taking care of your health is the first step to looking fantastic and being able to get the most out of your life.

So, what does this have to do with your hearing?

Hearing loss is a funny thing. It has loads of different causes and can be either temporary or permanent. So, is it possible to protect your hearing?

Causes of Hearing Loss

The prognosis for hearing loss usually depends on what causes it. If you’re born with hearing loss, you can adjust more easily, but many people lose it later on.

You can sometimes lose your hearing if you have a cold or another illness. Most of the time, this is temporary and will pass when you get over the illness. But sometimes it can be more permanent. Regular ear infections can cause your hearing to deteriorate, so keep an eye on it.

Another common cause of hearing loss is wear and tear. This can be prevented if you take care of your hearing. Ear defenders in loud environments are incredibly helpful and can slow down any deterioration in hearing.

Finally, aging can cause hearing loss. Unfortunately, unless someone has found the secret for eternal youth, there’s nothing much you can do about this other than pay attention to the signs and seeking treatment when you need to.

The Signs of Hearing Loss

You’d think the signs of hearing loss would be quite easy to spot, but it’s surprising how long some people go without noticing.

Sudden hearing loss caused by an illness, injury, or a blockage is pretty obvious. But the gradual hearing loss that many people experience over time is much harder to notice.

Your brain can adjust to a gradual loss of hearing, so you might actually be the last one to realize. If someone asks if you’re losing your hearing, listen to them.

You might also find it harder to keep up with conversations. You might start to use subtitles or have to turn the volume up. These are all signs that you should visit an audiologist.

Dealing With Hearing Loss

So let’s say that you have lost some of your hearing. While this is sometimes temporary, gradual hearing loss is usually due to either wear and tear or aging, which means that it’s irreversible.

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to manage your hearing loss. When you see an audiologist, they’ll work out how bad your hearing loss is and what kind of help you might need. The chances are that they will recommend hearing aids, like these phonak l30 hearing aids that are good for most situations.

You will then need to maintain your hearing aids by keeping them clean and making sure the battery is charged when you’re out and about.

But modern hearing aids are fantastic and will allow you to enjoy life as you’re